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Have you lost weight?

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Have you lost weight?#1
Posted: 5/10/20 at 8:42pm

Long-time lurker/occasional poster here. This feels a little weird to be posting, but a lot of my friends on social media are anti-diet/anti-weight loss, so I guess here I am. I may have posted a similar thread years ago, but I can't find it, and it would probably be embarrassing, anyway.

Has anyone had success with major weight loss? I'm talking at least 50 lbs, maybe 100 lb? I've been told by doctors my entire life to lose weight, and I've tried everything. I've yo-yo-ed a 25 lb weight loss twice, which I've regained both times. In an ideal world, I'd love to lose 100 lb, but I'd be happy to get to "onederland" (weigh in the 100s). I haven't been under 200 pounds since I was 13, and I'm on the shorter side. My twenties have come and gone, and I'm thinking about my health and fertility, and I'm honestly getting tired of the health issues that have crept up - pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, joint pain, etc. I'd love to get pregnant in the next 5-7 years, and I know obese people often have fertility issues, and aside from that, I want to be able to run around with my future children and be alive and healthy for them. 

All this to say, has anyone found a successful method to lose weight and maintain weight loss? How did you do it? I know the odds are against me, but I'm a stubborn woman who is determined to try (at least I'm determined right now).


P.S. I'm adding a disclaimer that I think all bodies are beautiful, and I believe in HAES (health at every size). This size isn't working for me.

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Have you lost weight?#2
Posted: 5/10/20 at 9:06pm


I'm currently on this same journey. I have a goal to lose 75 lbs and I'm almost to 30 lbs since beginning in January. (I'm a woman in my late 30s.)

No magic tricks with it. No fad diets. I decided to try the Noom app on a whim when I saw an ad for it during Jeopardy. I lost like 5 lbs in the 2-week free trial and decided to put up the $100 to keep using it for 6 months. It's your typical meal logging and calorie-burn goals, but it's paired with psychological/cognitive behavior education and methodologies to help break some of the habits we might have with food and exercise. It also comes with a support group and a personal coach who checks in with you (via texting in the app) to see how you're feeling, etc.

For the first month, I really just logged my food (there are no restrictions, just goals and guides) and started taking the longer routes to work to get more steps in, sometimes folding in intentional walks in the park. After 10 lbs, I was able to start jogging for very short distances and working up my stamina and I've lost another 15ish since. I walk/jog 3 miles almost every day and try to keep my calories around 1500, though I bust that a lot. But, every day is a new day and doesn't mean failure.

It's been working for me so far; only time will tell if I reach my goal and keep it off.

I wish you the best!

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Have you lost weight?#3
Posted: 5/11/20 at 1:17pm

There is no one perfect diet.  And, you really have to think of it as a lifestyle change.  And yes, you will have to eat differently forever.  That doesn't mean never indulging in high calorie choices, but you will always need to keep it in check.  Ive struggle with my weight my entire life, too.   The two diets I've had the most success are: Weight Watchers and (what I attempt to use now) Dash Diet.   I didn't have any luck with Noom - but I know other that have.

NO diet is foolproof, and no dieter needs to be perfect.  I think many of us tend to have all all or nothing attitude - which makes it SO easy to abandon ship for a made day or even meal or snack.  Each meal is an opportunity to make better choices.

Good luck with your weight loss journey! 

If we're not having fun, then why are we doing it? These are DISCUSSION boards, not mutual admiration boards. Discussion only occurs when we are willing to hear what others are thinking, regardless of whether it is alignment to our own thoughts.
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Have you lost weight?#4
Posted: 5/13/20 at 7:53pm

Thank you both for your feedback - I really appreciate. And congratulations on your weight loss so far. Losing weight, especially in a healthy way, is really f*ing hard, and you should be proud of yourselves!

I definitely have black & white/all-or-nothing mentality, which I'm working on. I'm trying to take baby steps and remember Rome wasn't built in a day. I'm starting by adding more vegetables and fresh produce, and not snacking on processed food as much. I'm trying to be gentle with myself. Baby steps. One day at a time.

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Have you lost weight?#5
Posted: 5/24/20 at 12:04pm

Six years ago, I was at my heaviest weight and feeling very uncomfortable, both physically and mentally, with my size. I decided I wanted to change, and ended up losing close to 70 pounds. It took me a full year to get to my goal weight, but I've kept the weight off since. I never did a traditional diet. What's worked for me:

--At least one hour of focused exercise a day

--Smaller meals, concentrated mostly around lean protein, green vegetables, reasonable amounts of fats and carbs

--Cut out soda entirely and reduced alcohol intact (lots of empty calories there)

--Little to no snacking

--Try to be more active in general (take the stairs, walk instead of driving when possible, etc)

As you said in your post, Rome wasn't built in a day. I definitely had setbacks in the early days of my journey. Be kind to yourself.


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Have you lost weight?#6
Posted: 6/2/20 at 11:20am
I lost 70 lbs due to my "medical emergency" last year. My problem now is keeping it off while in quarantine. Watching my diet is important but long walks in the local nature preserve are even more beneficial. Gardening is also helpful.

Diets are good, but you'd be amazed at how effective a morning or after dinner walk can be in knocking off the pounds.

Good luck!
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