Window Card Collection for sale on ebay

Jason Grimste
Window Card Collection for sale on ebay#1
Posted: 11/19/19 at 4:13pm
Window Card Collection for sale on ebay

Hey folks!

I'm selling off the last of my window card collection on ebay right now. Everything has a $25 reserve plus shipping. Most of them are from the early eighties. 

Hello Dolly, My Fair Lady, Barnum (signed), Camelot, Amadeus, Little Me, The King and I, The Act, 9, Bloolips, Sesame Street Live (signed), Showboat, Bring Back Birdie, Brigadoon, Annie, Jerry's Girls, Pirates of Penzance, Moony Shapiro Songbook, Peter Pan (signed by Sandy Duncan and cast), Nuts (signed), Best Little Whorehouse, Crucifer of Blood, Little Foxes, Travesties, Life and Times of Nickolas Nickleby, Chorus Line, Sugar Babies, Sweet Will, Music Man, You Can't Take it With you.


I also have one for Poor Little Lambs (Kevin Bacon) and "Play Me a Country Song" (flop Karen Mason debut signed) I will consider offers for.

also Divine's "Women Behind Bars"

Feel free to message me if you ave any questions!