ISU Call to Arms

Alex Kulak2
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
ISU Call to Arms#1
Posted: 11/11/19 at 12:45am

I'm a student at Illinois State University's School of Theatre and Dance (famous alum include Jane Lynch, Gary Cole, and the Steppenwolf founders) and we're currently holding a fundraiser to raise money to beef up our stage combat training. All stage combat at the school is helmed by Joseph Jefferson-award winning fight choreographer John Tovar, and he has been instrumental in leading the campaign to give Illinois State one of the most comprehensive stage combat training programs in the country.

So far, the fundraiser has been an amazing success. We reached our first goal of $7100 and our second goal of $12,100, thanks to a generous donation from Jane Lynch. With only 4 days left, we're trying to reach the third and final goal of $20,100. There are tons of rewards for donations, and every little bit helps.

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