Selling off my collection to save my dog :-(

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Chorus Member
Hello all,

I have a boatload of signed photos Ive obtained over the past 10+ years from numerous shows. Im talking hundreds of signed photos - tons from various Wicked productions and casts, and then a ton of various shows which had performers I enjoy, both show photos and photos of them out of the show. Numerous playbills as well, signed and unsigned. I was wondering if there would be any interest here or if eBay is the better route to go. It pains me to have to part with them, but my darling little jack-a-bee has recently become epileptic, and my treasured autograph collection is really all I have of any value, and a small price to pay if it can help with the mounting vet bills to keep my little girl with me. Anyway, I can go through and make a list and take pictures, and feel free to message me with any requests - performer, show, etc. Thanks so much in advance.