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Time Out Market

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Time Out Market#1
Posted: 8/20/19 at 3:22pm

I know NY's is about to (or just did?) open.  I just tried out Boston's, which opened a month or so ago, and it was really terrific.  Upscale and local food court.  LOTS of seating.  It's not cheap, but there was a lot a variety but not without some some basics (burgers, pizza) but nothing ordinary about it.  My only "gripe" was beverages.  There were two "bar areas" that served all beverages where none of the stalls did - on the upside TO that, is that cold ice water was available for everyone.


Anyone go yet?  (I'm not even sure where NYC's is located.)  


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Time Out Market#2
Posted: 8/20/19 at 6:42pm

My husband and I went to the one in Lisbon, Portugal in February and loved it. It was in a good location, open late, and allowed us to get different things from each other but still eat together. We are looking forward to trying the NYC one!

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