The case for Baskets

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The case for Baskets#1
Posted: 8/1/19 at 5:04pm

I didn't see a thread about this show. Just heard on Twitter from Martha Kelly that the current season, number four, is the last for Baskets. 

I liked it very much. The show was quirky, funny/sad. Just as it was zigging, it would suddenly zag. I appreciated that I had no idea what would happen next. The writing was snappy, and the Dale character especially, had an enormous number of hilarious throw away lines.

Zach Galifianakis was terrific in a dual role. Martha Kelly's deadbeat delivery as a COSTCO employee, forever nursing a broken arm, was a pitch perfect, one-note sidekick. And Louie Anderson was a remarkably relatable TV mother! An amazing combination of a real-life Peggy Hill and Lois Griffin, IMHO. 

Will miss this show. Ratings were very low. Is anyone else watching it?