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Actors being fired / replaced  May 17 2020, 06:54:18 PM

evic said: "Tons of dancers from A Chorus Line. Seems that they found out when they arrived at the theater to sign in and their names weren't on the call sheet."

Also would love to know if there's any truth of this. If it were, it would seem deeply ironic considering the subject material.

Actors being fired / replaced  May 17 2020, 06:52:46 PM

In recent history, the whole Sophia Caruso thing comes to mind.

That Annie with Barbara Walters interview is really sad and brings to mind LIFE AFTER TOMORROW. What a horribly depressive, yet utterly fascinating film. There's two other examples of young girls being replaced notably that come to mind as well--Annette Ferra in LOLITA, MY LOVE out of town and Audrey Bennett was let go from FROZEN on Broadway according to someone I know because she had trouble paying attention in rehea

Musical/Play Conspiracy Theories?  May 8 2020, 07:16:22 PM

I feel like the term conspiracy theory doesn't quite apply--I think the term you're looking for is fan theories, (this is just me being pedantic). I've always enjoyed the theory that Rapunzel and the Witch are in a gay incestuous relationship, that one always feels fun to me.

Which shows will Covid-19 end?  May 2 2020, 07:54:02 PM

I have to be honest--I am predicting the worst. I think it's better to predict the worst than get our hopes up. I think every single Broadway show will be forced to close, especially the ones who rely on tourism, because tourism to NYC is essentially dead until further notice. It will take a very long time to shake the public's perception of NYC as anything other than the hotbed of this godforsaken pandemic--added on with the fact that every pandemic specialist has suggested we'll

Will Act 2 of Carrie on Bway ever make it out of the vault?  May 2 2020, 07:32:45 PM

Like everyone else, I've heard rumors that Ken Mandelbaum is the one who has it--but surely there's got to be someone else, right? Whoever has it, or knows who has it--it's time. I know no one owes anyone anything but what the heck are we waiting for?

Samantha Pauly of Six comments on bootleg of herself  May 2 2020, 07:26:14 PM

I'm sure she'll change her tune if its forced to close early.

Let's dream cast a revival of ANYONE CAN WHISTLE.....  May 2 2020, 07:25:09 PM

Baranski or Catherine O Hara as Cora, Bernie Feldstein as Faye, Larry Owens as Hapgood.

Annie Golden as Audrey in LSOH  Apr 10 2020, 01:20:27 AM

Hi all, I seem to remember a picture floating around of Annie as Audrey, and I was wondering if anyone knew where I'd find any resources to her performance in the OG Little Shop. 

New Lydia Deetz ( who do you think should replace Sophia Anne Caruso )  Feb 26 2020, 02:16:11 AM

Purely out of speculation, I wonder if Sophia burned out and just couldn't do it anymore. It seemed like she was out of the show a lot, and I had seen some posts where she'd talked about battling anxiety and depression. It's a huge show for a girl her age to carry, and both vocally and I'm sure emotionally, Lydia can't be the easiest role to live in. I know the BMC leads also really struggled with the huge online fanbase. They can really drain you. She's just turned 18

Clue at Cleveland Playhouse  Feb 8 2020, 01:22:34 AM

So does this mean the other CLUE musical is no longer allowed to be licensed? I imagine this being similar to a MISERY-type situation where there are two different versions and the Simon Moore version isn't allowed to be performed anymore.

The New Group: Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice  Feb 1 2020, 06:45:35 PM

Has anyone seen it yet? Eager to hear any thoughts.

Little Shop of Horrors- Pasadena  Sep 26 2019, 10:22:47 PM

This is so unfortunate because I was really excited by this casting and I wish we'd gotten Rodriguez/Salazar/Gray in NYC as opposed to the casting we've gotten here.

My thinking on it is this--I think they got so caught up in the diverse casting that they sacrificed the material for it. I think it would've been way cooler for them to have color conscious casting and still do the show in the 50's (60's?) as written. because that in and of itself, is a statement. 

Soft Power Previews  Sep 25 2019, 07:29:01 AM

If its anything like what I saw in LA we are in serious trouble. Eager to hear reports.

Ivo Van Hove to direct stage adaptation of The Shining  Aug 25 2019, 02:08:16 AM

We could talk about why CARRIE didn't work for days. With MISERY, it was really Bruce Willis and the fact that I don't think the show calls for a Broadway house. It's a very intimate play. That being said, I am cautiously optimistic for SHINING. My only fear is the same for Stafford Arima with the CARRIE revival, that Ivo would pull back on the real horror of the piece. I think it really just needs to freaking "go there" to work, and I think that's so far been the Ac

Jonathan Groff Alternate for Little Shop  Aug 7 2019, 05:29:01 AM

JBroadway said: "Larry Owens!!!"

Couldn't agree more. Larry is perfect for this, in fact, it should be him not Groff in the first place. 

FAYE FIRED  Jul 25 2019, 08:29:08 PM

How was she on the set of MOMMIE DEAREST? Was it a case of life imitating art?

Road Show coming to Encores! Off-Center  Jul 23 2019, 11:12:49 PM

I was there tonight and I agree with JBroadway for the most part. I for one went in totally blind not knowing anything and found the radio framing device sort of confusing, but I grew to like it. The lyrics are super sharp, and there's a handful of songs I walked out with remembering but it's not very melodic ("there's not a tune you can hum/there's not a tune you go bum-bum-bum-di-dum"...). It's a very flawed show but reminds me a lot about MERRILY, and the dang

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS returning Off-Broadway this Fall?  Jul 22 2019, 10:51:34 PM

TNick926 said: "Hot Pants said: "I love Jonathon Groff, and he’s likely going to do a great job. However, I think he’s way too handsome to play Seymour. No matter how homely they dress him, he’s still going to look too good. I personally would’ve preferred Brandon Uranowitz. I also would’ve liked Ethan Slater as Seymour if they wanted to go for a younger actor. I think Blanchard will likely be a very good Audrey, and Borle is perfect for Orin.

Into The Woods Pre Broadway  Jul 18 2019, 04:58:03 PM

jimmycurry01 said: "In the pre-Broadway version, the Baker's Wife eats Snow White's apple after she is kissed by the prince."

I can't tell if you're joking or not, but that's sort of genius.

For whoever asked, I'm referencing the Old Globe Tryout, hence Pre Broadway.

Into The Woods Pre Broadway  Jul 17 2019, 12:49:52 AM

I know there's been a thread on this but I can't find it in myself to go back so far and try it. But I remember hearing that there was supposedly another section where the Narrator's son narrated the show? Is this true, or just a rumor? Would love to know what was cut. Also if anyone has a way I can see or hear this let me know :)

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