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Song Help

Song Help#1
Posted: 11/10/18 at 11:58am
Hello, I am a soprano in need of a song. I am NOT an amazing singer, so a song thatís really easy to sing would be great. I can play an older role but I am 13. I am not sure of my range, but I know I have an about average range. This song has to be from a musical and keep in mind I am new to the singing world. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this.
Esther Blodgett
Song Help#2
Posted: 11/11/18 at 6:10pm

Find a singer you are close to in range. Then begin listening to her music. The catch is finding a singer who has a large recording output. You will probably find a song fairly quickly though. Listen to shows as well as solo singers.

Pick a song that is somewhat age-appropriate. 13 is too young for the Sondheim showstoppers like Ladies Who Lunch, I'm Still Here or Send in the Clowns. Other songs are a bit worldly (think Cole Porter).

Now that I've given those general directions, have a listen to Flora the Red Menace which was Liza Minnelli's first show. The title character has some really nice songs and they're by Kander and Ebb.