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The Cooler

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The Cooler#0
Posted: 1/31/04 at 4:08pm
I'm watching this movie today and thinking that the years are racing by--I can't believe how old Alec Baldwin has gotten. But I'm also thinking this is a great role for him: the aging, jaded manager of the business...ties to shady, organized crime types who clearly have more power than he. Suddenly I realize, "Oh my God, it's the Paul Sorvino role!" And then who shows up in the next scene? Paul Sorvino! So Alec Baldwin has taken on the Paul Sorvino roles and Paul Sorvino has taken up Paul Sorvino roles.

Well, Alec is older but I thought he looked great. Handsome as ever, looks like he lost some weight.

So, there it is, my superficial assessment of "The Cooler."
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Updated On: 1/31/04 at 04:08 PM
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Broadway Legend
re: The Cooler#1
Posted: 1/31/04 at 4:27pm
Man, did that movie fall apart in the last ten minutes or what?

Actually I thought it was funny that Baldwin was playing a tired, has been sort of guy who's name was Shelly getting his balls busted by some younger know it all type.

But maybe I watch 'Glengarry Glen Ross' too often.