SVU: Billy Porter Unit

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SVU: Billy Porter Unit#1
Posted: 11/7/13 at 5:57am
It looks the other thread was deleted (as it ironically did the same thing as the episode).

I just watched the Law & Order episode and WOW, was Porter wonderful. (The first scene or two I was not impressed, but he quickly changed my mind.) Very powerful performance and episode in general.

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SVU: Billy Porter Unit#2
Posted: 11/7/13 at 7:17am
I agree, though I generally enjoy SVU episodes anyway. But this one was pretty powerful - even if one could possibly figure out the twist early on in the episode. Billy was great.

Glad the other thread was was supposed to be funny but not so much.

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SVU: Billy Porter Unit#2
Posted: 11/7/13 at 11:31pm
It wasn't funny at all, it was in such bad taste, and I am so glad they took it down that same day. Disgusting.

He was great on SVU though.
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SVU: Billy Porter Unit#3
Posted: 11/9/13 at 12:08am
Missed the other thread (looks like that was a good thing) and I know I'm two days late but yeah, I thought Billy was great!

Also dug the mini-Leap of Faith reunion (judge me all you want, I was happily "on the bus" so to speak) with Jessica and Raul as well as David Pittu as the lawyer.

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