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AVENUE Q - the heirloom keepsake bonus CD!

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AVENUE Q - the heirloom keepsake bonus CD!#0
Posted: 1/23/04 at 10:05am
AVENUE Q's Robert Marx & Jeff Lopez came to Seth's Chatterbox last night (yeah - it was great, they were fabulous, I should NOT have ordered that second martini) and among the tasty goodies revealed were: they have two future projects in the pipeline: A unnamed musical project sold to Universal and a musical reality TV show that (if my fogged mind remembers) will focus on 'ordinary people bursting into song at the oddest moments' - they will also star in the TV show. Very exciting, no?

And as I hoped, they treated the audience to the hysterical "The Jury Duty Notice Song (Tear it Up and Throw It Away)" which was cut from AVENUE Q and WHICH WILL BE AVAILABLE ON A SPECIAL ONE-SONG CD in the COLOR PROGRAM which should be at the theater WITHIN THE NEXT MONTH (but don't quote me)! So you have yet another reason to go back!

If this weren't enough, Bob told me that they want to do ANOTHER CD of ALL the songs that were cut from the show, including "How Much Money Do the People in Your Neighborhood Make?".....I trust this also includes the song for Nicky sitting on the toilet while Rob bangs on the door trying to get in...something like "This Is My Favorite Place To Be"! AVENUE Q - the heirloom keepsake bonus CD!

"Christ, Bette Davis?!?!"
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Damn. I wish I KNEW. I had a blind date in the village last night but that would have been the thing to see.
They are very talented. I hope they take home many Tonys this year.
WOO HOO AVENUE Q- My favorite new musical.
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You had a BLIND date?
Good for you.
Good for him.

I hope the Avenue Q event will air on the radio station here. Anyone know if and when?
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Team BWW
If all goes according to plan (and so far it has!), its first broadcast will be Monday night @ 7pm.

It's Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez, no?