I Was Enchanted By Enchanted...

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re: I Was Enchanted By Enchanted...#31
Posted: 11/23/07 at 3:28am
My favorite movie of the year so far, though I haven't seen GONE BABY GONE or BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD.
It is perfect in everything it sets out to do: it's campy, it's incredibly romantic, it's musical, it's funny, and it's good.
Craig, I also noticed the SHREK reference, I am pretty sure it was no coincidence that the troll look exactly like Shrek.
Amy Adams was sheer perfection, the way her character evolves is brilliant and her scene with Dempsey when she figures out she is angry for the first time is tremendous. I hope she wins the Golden Globe and I wouldn't rule out an Oscar nomination. Now I cannot wait for her to officially sign on to play Sister James in DOUBT, she will be brilliant.
Dempsey was perfect as her opposite. He is just so charming and had great chemistry with her.
Javier Marsdem was fantastic as usual, he understands camp and is not afraid to poke fun at himself. What a great actor.
Loved the Broadway appearances by Tonya Pinkins--who was fantastic--and Idina Menzel.
What a wonderful film.
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re: I Was Enchanted By Enchanted...#37
Posted: 11/24/07 at 7:24pm
What a wonderful film! Amy Adams was sheer brilliance. She definitely deserves an Oscar nomination, and I wouldn't rule her out for one. Patrick Dempsey was great, as was the silver voices James Marsden. The only let down was Susan Sarandon, who just didn't much for me. Idina Menzel was pretty good, although her role wasn't huge. The music was wonderful. And wow...AMY ADAMS! One heck of a performance!
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