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Paddington 2 Golden Globes Snub
Posted by Call_me_jorge 2018-12-06 17:25:09

Can someone please explain to my how Paddington 2, the highest rated film of this past year, did not get nominated for a single Golden Globe. These awards are a joke.

Paddington 2 Golden Globes Snub
Posted by haterobics 2018-12-06 18:46:03

The Globes don't use the Tomato-meter to decide nominations?

Paddington 2 Golden Globes Snub
Posted by UncleCharlie 2018-12-06 22:05:28

They thought other films were better?

Paddington 2 Golden Globes Snub
Posted by hamiltonboys 2018-12-07 00:06:29

A 100% on Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t make it the best movie of the year. Every critic could give it a 3/5 and it would still be 100% fresh. I haven’t seen the film but most reviews made it out to be a perfectly cute family film, which typically don’t do well at awards. Especially ones released nearly a year before the award show. Mary Poppins Returns was smart to open in December, as it’s more fresh in the minds of voters than Paddington 2.

I’m surprised at the awards love for Black Panther. I get that these awards are political but there were far better films with similar themes that aren’t getting any awards love. Comic book films can be fun but often the third act of the the film devolves into a huge CGI mess. Wonder Women suffered from this, and I’d say the ending fight scene of Black Panther is even worse. The only comic book film I’ve ever seen that really deserved major awards recognition was The Dark Knight.