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Michael Douglas Tribute on Golden Globes
Posted by tcoppola 2004-01-26 01:14:03

While I wasn't surprised that while listing Mr. Douglas's screen credits Danny DeVito mentioned Douglas's portrayal of Zach in the hateful, aweful, movie version of A CHORUS LINE (shiver), I am at least happy that when Mr. DeVito paralleled Douglas's long-standing career with the sentiment of the song "What I Did For Love", at least they used the OCR of the song with Priscilla Lopez singing...thank GOD they made that choice (albeit a weird one for an awards show that celebrates TV and Film accomplishments).

(Side note: Fergie should NOT have been presenting--she can't read to save her life. And she looked TERRIBLE!)

re: Michael Douglas Tribute on Golden Globes
Posted by BroadwayNYC 2004-01-26 01:22:06

Well I liked the first half hour or so of "A Chorus Line"
But toward the end, it did get pretty bad.

I was quite surprised that Michael Douglas didn't kiss his wife before going up on stage...or did he? Is anything going on there?