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Yuval Gerstner

Yuval Gerstner

     Yuval's first encounter with musicals was at 17 when he laid his hands on a copy of "The Phantom of the Opera" CD. After a friend introduced him to the world of musical theatre Yuval became a really big fan. He got his training at the "Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts" and after his graduation he got a few acting jobs, not too many though.

Yuval created the first Israeli Facebook page for musicals with plenty of information about musicals in Israel and throughout the world. later on he created the first Israeli Facebook group that deals with the world of musical theatre. This group currently has more than 2,200 members, many of which are a part of the musical theatre industry, such as actors, directors, producers etc.

If by any chance you've noticed him walking the streets of London don't be surprised. Yuval visits London many times each year and has a wide knowledge about the musical theatre industry there.



BWW Review: LITTLE BLACK DRESS at Habima Theatre - These Girls Are On Fire And We're Feeling Good!
March 21, 2017

A group of women go on stage wearing white bathrobes and start singing Natural Woman. They slowly begin to remove their bathrobes… only to reveal little black dresses underneath. This act pretty much symbolizes the entire show: A presentation of womanhood in all its aspects. This English On Stage production gives us 70 minutes of some of the world's greatest hits by Adele, Aretha Franklin, Beyoncé, Kate Bush (and more) performed by four talented women and two male musicians, but this is more than just a cover show. It is a cabaret-like musical event for women to celebrate themselves through music in a women's empowerment environment.

BWW News: HAIRSPRAY is Coming to Israel! We Can't Stop The Beat!
March 20, 2017

The hit musical Hairspray will get its first ever Israeli production this summer. After winning 8 Tony Awards, 9 Drama Desk Awards and 4 Olivier Awards and following many productions throughout the world, Hairspray is finally coming to Israel to get its first Hebrew version on stage in a production that is planned to tour the country.

BWW Review: THE MAN OUTSIDE at Tmu-na Theatre - A Fascinating Combination of Misery and Philosophy
March 13, 2017

This German play, written by Wolfgang Borchert, was written back in 1946 but it didn't get to the Israeli stages up until now. This fact might come as a surprise since it deals with an issue which is highly relevant to the Israeli audience: A soldier who's coming back from the war and finds out that he lost everything he had and every door is closed to him.

BWW Review: WHAT REALLY MATTERS at The Incubator Theatre - Three Insightful and Clever Stories
March 9, 2017

Have you ever asked yourselves if the way you live your lives is really the way you want to live? Or is it the right way to live? In this Incubator Theater comedy, written and directed by Eli Haviv, we get to see 3 different stories, 3 pieces of life, that manage to touch some aspects of life that we usually don't stop to wonder about.

Photo Coverage: Requiem EVITA - Final Curtain for Habima's Production
March 7, 2017

After almost a year and a half since it premiered at Habima Theatre, the hit musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice came to an end yesterday when Evita had its last performance.

BWW News: Shon Granot Zilbershtein Departs BILLY ELLIOT
March 5, 2017

After 9 months of playing the role of Billy Elliot in 38 performances, Shon Granot Zilbershtein has announced his departure from the show due to an injury. Shon made this announcement yesterday on his Facebook profile in a post saying that he will have to depart this production for a resting period he must take due to a back injury.

BWW Review: THE LOVE OF DON PERLIMPLIN AND BELISA IN THE GARDEN at Hasimta Theatre - A Fresh Take on Lorca
March 1, 2017

This classic play by Federico Garcia Lorca is probably one of his less famous works, but this fresh new version by Scapino Theatre Company surely shows us that it's definitely an unheralded masterpiece. It is the story of an elderly bachelor, Don Perlimplin (played by Dror Teplitzky), who is persuaded by his servant that he should marry the youthful and beautiful Belisa (played by Orit Peres). Despite their marriage, Belisa cannot control her craving and lust for younger men. Even on their wedding night Don Perlimplin is cuckolded by five different men in his own bedchamber, which surprisingly doesn't lead him to a jealous behavior. On the contrary, he declares that he has discovered the true meaning of love and he's willing to play along. Graphic love letters to Belisa begin to arrive at the house from a mysterious caped man, a man whom Don Perlimplin swears he will challenge.

BWW News: Sahar Lev-Shomer Departs BILLY ELLIOT
February 27, 2017

Sahar Lev-Shomer who played the role of Michael in the Israeli production of the hit musical Billy Elliot has had his last performance last Friday (2/24). Sahar took part in this production since it premiered on June 2016 after several months of rehearsals and training including tap, vocal and acting lessons. Sahar was also voted as 'Person to Watch' in the 2016 BroadwayWorld Israel Awards according to his performance as Michael.

BWW Review: MY LIFE - THE MUSICAL VERSION at Tmu-na Theatre - Very Personal and Revealing! Do Not Miss!
February 27, 2017

It's a very difficult task to write a review on this show, especially for me. I can obviously just see it as a theatrical event and write about the way it's written and performed. But there's so much more to it than that. This play has also a great deal of public and journalistic significance. Tmu-na Theatre, where this play is performed, has written many words in the play discription that are related to silence and to losing a voice and finding it again. Plenty of general remarks that doesn't even begin to tell the magnitude of this event. One of the sentences written in the discrption is: 'An actor who loses the ability to express himself is going on a personal journey in order to find his voice again and along the way reveals a dark and suppressed secret from his past'. Those of you who read play descriptions from time to time might find this kind of vague phrases quite often and usually remain indifferent while reading them. In this case you have absolutely no idea how much can this secret be related to your real life and even effect them.

Photo Coverage: KING SAUL
February 16, 2017

'King Saul' is a new tragicomedy musical that offers a fresh and modern take on the biblical tale of King Saul. One day, Saul, a naive young shepherd who had never desired to be king is suddenly crowned as the first king of Israel. He decides to try as hard as he can to become as dedicated and caring a king as he was a shepherd. However, he soon discovers that in order to be a moral king, he would have to fight the heavenly forces of corruption within the rising kingdom of Israel. Can a kind hearted leader with pure intentions survive the cynical and cruel jungle that is politics?

BWW Review: DYING FOR A LIFE at Hasimta Theatre - A Cute Comedy About Life Before Death
February 15, 2017

What would you do if you were sure you're about to die in 2 days? When Dov Schwartz, a theatre critic, asked himself that question while he visited the local cemetery a ghost appeared and advised him to buy a grave before he passes away. From this point on many weird events occurs in his life while he's waiting for his death.

BWW Review: HACHAYAL HARAZE at Cameri Theatre - An Important Theatrical Event
January 23, 2017

When you walk into a theatre space that has a strong smell of gun powder and see a dead person already lying on the stage you know that you're going to have a special experience for the next few hours. That's the case with Hanoch Levin's 'Hachayal Haraze' (The Thin Soldier). This production opened at the last Akko Festival and a few months later The Cameri Theatre, which has been the home to many of Levin's plays throughout the years, decided to host this production. It is indeed a very unique and important theatrical event.