#SWIFTTOK Comes to The Motley Bauhaus in March

Performances run 11th - 21 April 2024.

By: Jan. 24, 2024
#SWIFTTOK Comes to The Motley Bauhaus in March

You've watched the Eras Tour Film, you've listened to the albums, you've probably had at least 13 fights while defending Blondie herself, but have you spent an hour on a random teen's Livestream, breaking down every minute detail about he TCU (Taylor Cinematic Universe)?

#SWIFTTOK is a deepdive into the hilarity of online stan culture, the tiktok generation, and above all is a true celebration of Taylor Swift. Including many of Taylor's hits, fan favourites, and maybe even some surprise songs, get in the Getaway Car and let Dean take you on a journey through the eras, the highs and lows, the good and the bad (aka that 1975 singer we don't talk about), and of course all of the Sad Beautiful Tragic moments of teenage hood. 


Dean is Naarm based writer and performer,  with sold out seasons of past Cabaret “The Date” and has worked as a performer in a variety of musicals and plays, Dean is no stranger to a festival having performed in both Midsumma, Melbourne Fringe and Adelaide Fringe, but they are excited to launch their first show at MICF. 


So drop everything now and I have one question left still, are you ready for it?


Show Details: #SWIFTTOK

Dates: 11th - 21 April 2024

Times: 6pm - 7pm

Venue: The Motley Bauhaus

Tickets: From $24 - $28