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Review: ANYTHING GOES at TexArts

by Sabrina Wallace - June 10, 2024

TexArts production of Anything Goes sails onto the stage with all the exuberance and charm of a luxury cruise liner, delivering a whirlwind of romance, comedy, and toe-tapping tunes #MusicalTheatre #BroadwayWorld...

Review: FROZEN at Bass Concert Hall

by Sabrina Wallace - June 09, 2024

Delve into themes of sisterhood, empowerment, and self-acceptance with the heartwarming production of Disney’s Frozen. It's not like any other adaptation; it's an experience that magnifies the magic of the original film. Escape the summer heat and step into a winter wonderland right here in Austin, ...

Review: THE KING OF HEARTS at The Alchemy Theatre

by Sabrina Wallace - June 03, 2024

Explore The Alchemy Theatre's production of King of Hearts at the Whisenhunt and enjoy its unique story, compelling visuals, and talented cast. Allow yourself to be drawn into the insanity that walks the streets of DuTemps—it promises to be a memorable experience. #Austin #MusicalTheatre #BroadwayWo...

Review: QUEER TO TELL: LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE at Soundspace At Captain Quack's

by Sabrina Wallace - June 02, 2024

On a warm and joyful evening at Captain Quack’s, queer artists from Austin, TX shared personal stories about love, friendship, family, happiness, and heartbreak. Hosted by the humorously sharp Chitah Daniels Kennedy, Lavender Public’s 'Queer to Tell: Love is Love is Love' captivated audiences of all...

Review: DOUBT: A PARABLE at Georgetown Palace - Playhouse Stage

by Sabrina Wallace - May 22, 2024

“Doubt: A Parable” is a masterfully crafted play that offers no easy answers. Under the direction of Megan Urbanovsky, Georgetown Palace's production faithfully delivers the writer’s intent, challenging audiences to confront the uncomfortable reality that truth is often elusive and multifaceted....

Review: CLYDE'S at Ground Floor Theatre

by Joni Lorraine - May 20, 2024

These formerly incarcerated individuals working at an insignificant truck stop sandwich shop, grapple with their pasts and seek to rebuild their lives. Their evolution, and the work of the actors embodying them, invites us to expand our understanding of the potential for personal growth and apprecia...

Review: THE DROWSY CHAPERONE at Bastrop Opera House

by Victoria Schwarz - May 07, 2024

The musicals of the 1920s-1940s are rich territory for parody since many imported the stylistic elements (vaudeville, dance hall style, revue, et al.) of popular entertainment of the era to carry the shows, often disadvantaging well-developed plot lines and complex characters....

Review: CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF at Gaslight-Baker Theatre

by Victoria Schwarz - May 06, 2024

Choosing to perform a Tennessee (Thomas Lanier) Williams (1911-1983) play means genuinely committing to some of theater’s most salient aspects: in this case, a plot that must capture and then hold the audience in unfolding layers of tragedy, characters that are complex and often display less-than-de...

Review: GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY at Bass Concert Hall

by Victoria Schwarz - April 25, 2024

As many students of history know, 1929 was the beginning of a chaotic, and often tragic, decade for the United States. Seven months after a small stock market crash and recovery on March 25, the bottom fell out....

Review: ABOVE THE FOLD at Factory On 5th

by Victoria Schwarz - April 19, 2024

Julie Zaffarano’s ABOVE THE FOLD, set in 1935, is a play about three investigative reporters and a photographer who are staying in the same hotel as they cover a grand jury. The work of this particular grand jury is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to conduct a trial for the murder of si...

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Austin nonprofit Indie Meme presents 9th annual Indie Meme Film Festival, April 17 - 21 at AFS Cinema

Austin-based nonprofit Indie Meme, founded by two passionate women, is proud to announce the official dates and lineup for their ninth annual Indie Meme Film ...


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