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Escobar's Hippo show poster

Escobar's Hippo at Mainstage Theatre

Dates: (10/29/2024 - 11/3/2024 )


Mainstage Theatre

Texas State University Department of Theatre & Dance

430 Moon Street, 78666
San Marcos,TX 78666

Phone: 512.245.2147

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A Colombian town along the Magdalena River plunges into chaos after a flatulent, destructive, easily offended, and adventurous hippo comes to town and wreaks havoc. The crisis worsens when people begin transforming into hippos themselves causing, not only chaos, but the beginnings of a revolution where humans are trampled by these new Hipposapiens. As this shifting of civilization unfolds, three friends try to figure out how to deal with the transforming population and solve the connection between the hippos and a notorious drug lord. An homage to the works of Ionesco (namely Rhinoceros and The Killer), this play explores through absurdity and comedy the very serious and deadly consequences that come with the surrendering of humanity in favor of bestial urges and self-gratification.

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Mainstage Theatre is at 430 Moon Street, 78666, San Marcos, TX.


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