Review: GRATITUNES by TILT Performance Group

A joyful virtual concert brimming with gratitude and inspiring resilience.

Austin Music Nonprofit Beat 4 Beat to Host Fundraiser After Recent Burglaries

When the world is burning, gratitude seems to elude us. But the cast members of TILT Performance Group find that elusive gratitude in spades, and they're sharing it with the world in their virtual concert experience, GRATITUNES. TILT is an Austin based performance group on a mission to shatter stereotypes surrounding people living with disabilities. They continue accomplishing that with GRATITUNES.

TILT feels the impact of protective measures for covid-19, and they've had to pivot in their approach to their season. GRATITUNES was in the works for some time, but never in their wildest dreams did the cast think they'd be performing their songs in front of a camera in their living rooms. They imagined standing on a stage in front of a live audience. But each cast member takes the changes in stride and infuses wonderful heart and energy into their songs.

The cast worked with Director Adam Roberts and Stage Manager Nano Boye Nagle on music and lyrics to create these original songs. Lyrics touch on hardship, perseverance and, of course, gratefulness. These unbelievably strong performers aren't just thankful for the beautiful things in their lives, but the adversity they've faced.

Austin Music Nonprofit Beat 4 Beat to Host Fundraiser After Recent BurglariesGRATITUNES boasts a simple and clean digital production that lets the talent of the performers shine. It begins with a punchy piano-based tune reminiscent of the opening to a stage musical, and eleven songs follow with styles ranging from pop to hip-hop to jazz. What makes GRATITUNES special is the deeply personal nature of the songs. Each performer bravely invites the audience into their lives and reveals their hopes, struggles, and joys.

It's the perfect event to churn excitement for the upcoming holiday season and galvanize audience reflection on lyrics for their own "gratitune". In the introduction to her song, Nano Boye Nagle speaks to the powerful nature of gratitude as it "turns the cave into a tunnel and lets there be light at the end." With the theatre world moving through a metaphorical cave right now, light at the end of the tunnel is desperately needed.

The songs in GRATITUNES aren't simple little ditties. They tell powerful stories of overcoming adversity and being thankful for whatever turns your story takes. As the opening number states, it's "music to light up the darkness we feel." Gratitude and joy are hard to find in the world right now but they're easy to find in GRATITUNES.


Premiering Saturday October 17th 6:30 pm CST Pre-show 7 pm performance

Streaming Online October 17th-25th

Watch at


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Austin Music Nonprofit Beat 4 Beat to Host Fundraiser After Recent Burglaries

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