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BWW Blog: I Just Can't Wait to Be King (Aka A Musical Theatre Major)

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My life changed for the better on my eighth birthday. My loving parents gifted me with tickets to the touring production of The Lion King because it was coming to Atlanta around my big day. We have always been an artistically involved family. I was in ballet at age three, quickly following with tap and jazz in the next few years. My time was spent singing in my church choir and playing piano, doing many of the things young kids do to find their niche. While soccer and girl scouts didn't stick, performing did. By the time I was seven, I considered myself a 'professional' with dancing being my plan for my life. While seven year old Molly didn't necessarily know how grueling the dance world could be, I always knew it would have a primary spot in the makeup of my life. Then my birthday came. One of my most distinct memories from this time in my life is sitting in the Atlanta Civic Center as the lights went down to start the show. I watched in awe as the stage was filled with giraffes, zebra, flying birds, and lions all singing "Circle of Life", a song I knew well from the movie but had never imagined could be seen like this. Shortly after the song ended I turned to my mother and simply stated, "I want to do that!". That's where my journey began.

BWW Blog: I Just Can't Wait to Be King (Aka A Musical Theatre Major)

What enticed me was the idea of not having to choose, because I've always wanted to be involved in everything I could. I loved to sing but had always viewed dance as my 'thing'. Being introduced to a discipline that not only allowed me to sing and dance, but also act (!) was like the Holy Grail to my young self. After this confession, many things followed in succession. The next year I participated in my first show, a community theatre production of Seussical the Musical. My parents thought the MT thing was a childhood phase, but I emerged from closing night more eager than ever. I had found my people, my place, and my passion.

After this I began voice lessons at age eleven, did professional summer shows throughout middle school, and then joined my high school theatre company. I fostered my love and skills in these years, grabbing every opportunity by the neck, from International Thespian Society events to my local teen theatre. My goal was to become involved in every aspect of theatre that I could. As long as I had something to do, I was content. This had to slow my senior year of high school, when I began the daunting college audition process. I was still able to participate in all of my high school shows, but when you're out of state every weekend for basically two months you have to prioritize. And my priority was finding the perfect college for me. I was so happy to say that after 21 applications, 18 auditions, and many campus visits I found the perfect fit in Ohio University's new musical theatre BFA program.

BWW Blog: I Just Can't Wait to Be King (Aka A Musical Theatre Major)

Looking back after completing my first year in the program, I am 100% certain that I made the correct choice for me. OU and the MT program allows me to pursue every opportunity I want too. I'm encouraged in my dance minor, actor musicianship certificate, honors program, and my sorority. I've always been viewed as a well rounded person, not as a 'face-kicking' machine. My first year may have not ended how I planned, with COVID-19 sending me packing for Georgia after spring break, but it makes me more excited to get back to Athens, Ohio in the fall. When I envision being back with my peers for my sophomore year, the little girl who fell in love with theatre squeals with excitement. In the meantime, I'm gonna work hard to kick my face in my bedroom while practicing my monologue for auditions in the fall semester.

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