ZOMBIE PROM Off-Broadway Cast Recording Released Today on iTunes!

iTunes has released today, August 15, 2012, the original off-Broadway cast recording of John Dempsey & Dana P. Rowe's production of Zombie Prom. Zombie Prom has music by Dana P. Rowe, book and lyrics by John Dempsey, based on a story by Dempsey and Hugh M. Murphy. Directed by Philip William McKinley, Orchestrations by Michael Gibson with musical direction by Darren R. Cohen.

Zombie Prom premiered on March 26, 1996 at the Variety Arts Theatre in NYC, presented by Nat Weiss, in association with Randall L. Wreghitt.

Songs include:

1) Enrico Fermi High

2) Ain't No Goin' Back

3) Jonny Don't Go

4) Good As It Gets

5) The C Word

6) Rules, Regulations and Respect

7) Blast from the Past

8) That's the Beat for Me

9) The Voice in the Ocean

10) It's Alive

11) Where Do We Go from Here

12) Trio (Case Closed)

13) Then Came Jonny

14) Come Join Us

15) How Can I Say Goodbye?

16) Easy to Say

17) Expose

18) Isn't It?

19) Forbidden Love

20) The Lids Have Been Blown

21) Delilah's Confession

22) Zombie Prom

The cast features: Karen Murphy (Delilah Strict), Jessica-Snow Wilson (Toffee), Cathy Trien (Coco), Natalie Toro (Ginger), Rebecca Rich (Candy), Marc Lovci (Joey), Stephen Bienskie (Jake), Jeff Skowron (Josh), Richard Roland (Jonny) and Richard Muenz (Eddie Flagrante).

Creative team included Tony Stevens (choreography), James Youmans (sets), Gregg Barnes (costumes), Richard Nelson (lighting); Abe Jacob (sound).

Since its premiere, Zombie Prom has been produced hundreds of times, across America and in countries around the world. Performance rights for ZOMBIE PROM are available through Samuel French, Inc. http://samuelfrench.com/

Zombie Prom is set in the Nuclear 1950s at Enrico Fermi High, where sweet and proper Toffee falls for class bad boy Jonny. When family pressure forces an end to the romance, Jonny jumps on his motorcycle and speeds to the local power plant where he throws himself into the nuclear waste dump. Although buried at sea in a metal casket, Toffee's undying love penetrates all barriers and rejuvenates Jonny who returns to EFHS as a green-faced, toxic zombie bent on graduating with his class and taking his dream girl Toffee to the prom. Tyrannical principal Delilah Strict has different ideas and bars the goo-covered, cadaverous teen from rejoining his class. The school's discrimination policy prompts sensationalist journalist Eddie Flagrante to expose the school's intolerance, bringing him face to face with the intractable Miss Strict. When principal and reporter realize their shared past, true to his name, Flagrante rekindles the flame which softens the inflexible Strict.

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