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Works & Process Presents Premieres of re-NEW

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This week, Works & Process, the performing arts series at the Guggenheim, presented the premieres of re-NEW, created and performed by LaTasha Barnes, and a collaboration by Evita Arce and Michael Jagger.

An exploration, through movement and moments of narration, of the recycled identities, contemplations and surrealities that have been my life since the start of 2020. Although this piece is a deeply personal reflection of my purpose and my resolve to remain steadfast within it, the theme is universal as we all find ourselves trying to cope with a new "normal". The mind-bending life re-sets by events bringing me to question "what I really want" in those moments and "what "it" all means"... only to acknowledge that those wants and meanings are always up to me, and within my ability to choose....everyday...NEW.

Longtime friends and dance partners, Evita Arce and Michael Jagger search for ways to still connect and dance together despite being on opposite sides of the world. The international Lindy Hop (Swing dance) community heavily feels the pang of separation and loneliness during this time of social distancing. The very art and skill developed by social dancers has been paused and forced into an empty space of isolation. This video shows the keen awareness, patience and joined kinesthetic sense that Michael and Evita share from their seventeen years of working together. The movements are improvised, and the dancing was recorded in one shot. The haunting vocals provided by Charles Turner were added separately. Even though we may feel un-synced right now, this project proved to us that we can still connect, albeit using new technology.

Works & Process Artists (WPA) Virtual Commissions, a direct response to the pandemic, was launched to financially support artists and nurture their creative process during these challenging times. With the generosity of our board, Works & Process is granting more than $150,000 in commissioning funds to artists who have been or were supposed to be featured at Works & Process. Artists from a wide variety of genres have been commissioned to create new works, less than 5 minutes long, while observing social distancing guidelines, that will premiere on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (@worksandprocess) every Sunday and Monday at 7:30pm.

Upcoming Schedule of Premieres:

May 24 - Jamar Roberts

May 25 - Brandon Stirling Baker

May 31 - Dance Heginbotham

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