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VPs_BLOG_What_Am_I_Doing_Wrong_20010101BroadwayWorld.com is excited to introduce its newest blogger - VP Boyle!

VP Boyle is one of the most sought after Broadway audition and life coaches for professionals in New York City and works with actors at every level across the country to spread his irreverent approach to theatrical wellness. VP currently serves as the creator and Chair of the New York Film Academy's new cutting-edge Musical Theatre & Film Conservatory Program. The two-year program merges conservatory musical theatre training with Broadway professionals and an intensive acting on film curriculum that culminates with an original movie musical film project.

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Think about vanilla ice cream. It's always a pretty nice thought in my head.

You have just rented the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy and decided that you want-and desperately need-vanilla ice cream before Frodo's journey begins so you put on your shoes, throw on a coat and haul yourself to the grocery store in the rain to get what you need. When you arrive at the frozen section, you find twenty different possibilities behind that chilly pane of glass that would all qualify as great vanilla ice cream. Some are on sale. Some are ones you've tried before, but most of them you haven't. Some have really cool packaging! Some are low fat while some have artificial ingredients. You find yourself drawn to those that have natural vanilla bean specks in them (my personal favorite). Some call themselves "custard", "gelato", "sorbet", "yogurt" and more, but for your purpose they could all serve as the Holy Grail of "vanilla ice cream" right about now. Guess what? You're only going to choose one.

You consider them all and then when all those possibilities are swimming around in your consciousness and your virtual mouth, you will collapse the possibilities into one choice, here and now, and file the rest of the information away for future reference because you are tired of drinking your own saliva as you stare at the creamy goodness that awaits you. It doesn't mean you didn't like all of your options.

Welcome to the casting circumstance!

There's no fault or blame to the process. We have to pick one type of vanilla ice cream for that monster banana split we are making called a show-play, musical or otherwise. Everyone is going to have an opinion and someone is going to make a choice. Just like you do as an actor and artist. You might be the flavor of the day. You might have to wait a little bit. You might find you aren't willing to wait and find different opportunities to pursue. Who knows? You do. You know if you feel confident in the choices you are making and have made. You know if you have prepared properly. You know if you had fun along the way. You know if you are committed to today's possibility to do what you love. You know if when you walk out of the room, you feel talented. You and only you know-so listen to your soul once in a while and chill out about the entire audition process.

Live who you are. Love what you do.

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