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VIDEO: Laura Bell Bundy Debuts 'American Girl' Music Video Today

The video for the third single off the upcoming album highlights the pressure of American women.

Laura Bell Bundy has released the self-directed music video for her newest single "American Girl" Feat. Shea Carter today. "American Girl," is the third single off of Bundy's highly anticipated album, Women of Tomorrow, coming out spring 2021. The song was penned by Bundy, Shea Carter and Jeremy Adelman and features poignant thought provoking lyrics, highlighting the pressures of ageism, sexism, objectification and survival that American women are facing today. The video interpretation shows a woman breaking into the dream life and finding beneath the beauty and glamour is a dark void. The filtered version of a perfect life does not exist.

Watch the video below!

"The video is filled with symbolic imagery," Bundy explains. "We see a housewife handcuffed by diamond handcuffs to the vacuum that is sucking up money. Around her neck she has the keys to unlock them, but she chooses not to. She chooses the comfort of consumerism and patriarchy over true freedom. There is additional symbolism laced throughout the video: she comments on her own fertility when she serves a fake man and child dinner and puts her deviled eggs in the freezer; she leaves bloody footprints from her Christian Louboutin heels because financially they bleed her dry; she jumps into a pool and credit cards fall in around her because she is drowning in credit card debt; she's the head on a tiger print rug because she is just something to be walked all over; she takes a fire extinguisher to put the fire out which represents her own fire being put out by the life she's choosing...a life we all feel we are breaking into and don't deserve even when we get it."

Bundy continues, "The video feels like a walk into the past, but it is just showing that as much as things have changed they really haven't. The same expectations of what it means to be a woman persist. We go into debt trying to become that woman too... financially and emotionally... leaving us empty and wondering why we are not happy."

The video was directed by Bundy, Joshua Noonan served as DP and it was produced by CNT Productions.

"American Girl" follows Bundy's stirring rendition of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and her ultimate female empowerment anthem "Get It Girl, You Go" off of Women of Tomorrow.

Inspired by the music of Glenn Miller, Doris Day, Peggy Lee, and classic MGM movie musicals, Women of Tomorrow, coming out in Spring 2021, is vintage in sound but not in subject matter. Like the current pop elements sprinkled throughout, this album encapsulates the experiences of today's modern women. These original songs cover issues like equal pay, breaking the glass ceiling, over-apologizing, the mental load of motherhood, pitting women against each other, holding women to unrealistic beauty standards, the obsession with social media, ownership over women's bodies, doing it all, and women's relationship to men.

The project is being released through a partnership with ONErpm.

Bundy also recently announced her musical podcast, Women of Tomorrow, which powerfully and deeply dives into the issues each song on her album presents, examines the history of those matters and provides solutions for moving forward.

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