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VIDEO: AN ACT OF GOD's Sean Hayes and David Josefsberg Get Catty With 'Memory'

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Sean Hayes in AN ACT OF GOD
(Photo: Jim Cox)

Not to give away the ending of CATS, but let's just say it involves a heavenly-looking visual. So who better to celebrate the opening of Broadway's first CATS revival than the Great White Way's Heavenly Father himself, played by Sean Hayes in David Javerbaum's hit comedy AN ACT OF GOD, and his angel assistant Michael, essayed by David Josefsberg?

In the deliciously silly video below, Josefsberg displays an impressive upper range while putting his dramatic soul into a bit of Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic "Memory," and Hayes chimes in with some well-placed meows for the big finish.

Tony nominee and Emmy winner Sean Hayes returns to Broadway as God himself in a limited 14-week engagement of the hit comedy An Act of God at the Booth Theatre, which began on May 28, 2016. David Javerbaum's comedy returns to New York after launching the 2015-2016 Broadway season in a sold-out, critically acclaimed run and a second Godly successful run starring Sean Hayes in Los Angeles.

The King of the Universe is back to tackle His greatest challenge yet: a second summer in New York. God takes the form of Emmy Award winner Sean Hayes in An Act of God, a 90-minute comedy where the Almighty and His devoted Angels answer some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since Creation. He's returned to set the record straight to a whole new crop of believers ... and He's not holding back!

The first-ever Broadway revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's iconic musical, Cats, returns to Broadway at the Neil Simon Theatre (250 W 52nd Street).

The new generation of Cats includes Leona Lewis as "Grizabella," Giuseppe Bausilio as "Carbucketty," Quentin Earl Darrington as "Old Deuteronomy,"Jeremy Davis as "Skimbleshanks," Kim Faure as "Demeter," Sara Jean Ford as "Jellylorum," Lili Froehlich as "Electra," Daniel Gaymon as "Macavity," Shonica Gooden as "Rumpleteazer," Christopher Gurras "Gus/Bustopher Jones," Tyler Hanes as "Rum Tum Tugger," Andy Jones as "Munkustrap,"Kolton Krouse as "Tumblebrutus," Eloise Kropp as "Jennyanydots / Gumbie," Jess Leprotto as "Mungojerrie,"Georgina Pazcoguin as "Victoria," Emily Pynenburg as "Cassandra," Ariana Rosario as "Sillabub," Ahmad Simmons as "Alonzo," Christine Cornish Smith"Bombalurina,"Corey Snide as "Coricopat," Emily Tate as "Tantomile," Ricky Ubeda as "Mistoffelees," andSharrod Williams as "Pouncival,"as well as Richard Todd Adams, Aaron Albano, Callan Bergmann, Claire Camp, Francesca Granell,Jessica Hendy, Harris Milgrim, Madison Mitchell,Nathan Patrick Morgan and Megan Ort.

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