Trump Supporters Pledge to Boycott HAMILTON—Yes, the Super Sold Out One—with Trending Hashtag

By: Nov. 19, 2016
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As reported by BroadwayWorld, last night Vice President-Elect Mike Pence attended a performance of Hamilton on Broadway, where he was met with disdain from audience members. Following the curtain call, the cast of the production addressed Pence directly via a speech made by cast member Brandon Victor Dixon. Despite the fact that the speech was a call for unity and representation, Donald Trump has condemned the cast on Twitter, accusing them of "harassing" Pence, and demanding an apology.

In the latest development of this ongoing battle, the hashtag #BoycottHamilton has been trending for the past six hours. Considering the fact that the musical juggernaut is sold out into next year, coupled with the recent Trump Cup "boycott," (which involves customers providing "Trump" as their name when purchasing a drink at Starbucks), it remains unclear if the Trump supporters who instigated the hashtag understand how a boycott works.

Meanwhile, many Hamilton supporters and celebrities are using the hashtag as a vehicle for spreading the truth about what happened at Hamilton last night. Check out some of the top tweets below!

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