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The Winner of the JEKYLL & HYDE Liner Notes Contest Is...


To celebrate the upcoming launch of 'Jekyll & Hyde: Transformation - 2012 Concept Recording', Broadway Records and invited readers to enter for a chance to have a personal essay included in the liner notes of the recording.

Entrants were asked to write a personal essay based on one of the following themes: 

• How has the musical Jekyll & Hyde affected you personally?
• What does the personal battle between good and evil mean culturally?
• How is good and evil presented on stage? Is it different from reality?
• A topic of your choosing related to Jekyll & Hyde

Today, we're excited to announce the winner of the contest is...VICKY WELFARE! Vicky, whose winning entry can be read below, will have her essay published in the liner notes of the recording, and will also receive a copy of the Broadway Records recording of Jekyll & Hyde signed by Frank Wildhorn, Constantine Maroulis and Deborah Cox. Congratulations, Vicky! 

Broadway Records and BWW would like like to congratulate the other four finalists, David Clarke, Gary Mathias, Carson Suggs, and Christopher Kuczewski. They will each receive a signed copy of the recording. 

The winner and finalists were chosen by Frank Wildhorn, Constantine Maroulis and Broadway Records in conjunction with BroadwayWorld. Thank you to everyone who entered the JEKYLL & HYDE Liner Notes Contest! 

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Vicky Welfare's Winning Entry:

"All human beings are commingled out of good and evil." – Robert Louis Stevenson A cool appraising glance from strange enticing eyes. A forbidden glimpse of soft, tempting flesh. A final taunt igniting anger into rage. That sudden moment of opportunity to commit an action, and know that it will bear no witness. It is that siren song of the seductive unknown which stirs the soul and ignites desire, luring one down the darkest alleys of man’s capabilities, and urging him to commit his basest deeds. For it is the twin forces of temptation and opportunity, consequence vs. compulsion, that so often compel us to submit to the darker forces that lie within us all. For as much as man may aspire to be “good,” within him fiercely beats the heart of the beast. He is truly a prisoner of his desires, and his ability to maintain their control. Over centuries this primal struggle has formed the very backbone of the world’s major religions and society’s laws, in an attempt to mandate morality lest earth descend into utter anarchy. Early psychology attempted to answer the question: “Why?”; to define what it is that may make a man reject the internal moral compass of the superego, to embrace the primitive urges of the id. For no matter how zealously one may go forth attempting to live a noble life, under the thin veneer of civility forever lies that steaming cauldron of emotion: loves and hatreds slowly simmering with the ever-present possibility of boiling over into passion, when laws and life’s lessons may instantly be lost. It is the split-second decision made when poised on the razor’s edge of a choice that could lead to a moment of sweetest bliss… yet be damned to a hell forevermore. The choice made at this moment can determine the path of one’s destiny. From which there may be no turning back… 

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