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The New York New Works Theatre Festival Panel Announces 2016 Participants

In one of the first festivals of its kind, a panel of Broadway Producers and Emmy winning writers has compiled its final list of performances for the upcoming New York New Works Theatre Festival (August 29th - October 5).

This year's Festival includes a Broadway revival, several past and current Broadway performers, as well as submissions from Producers of current Broadway hits! Every member of the 25 person panel donates their time and is either a Broadway Producer, Tony Award winner, Emmy Award winner, Broadway playwright, NYNW Festival winner, or industry leader. Created by Gene Fisch, Jr., In association with Bear in Mind Creative, the NYNW Festival is a spectacular opportunity for talented writers to introduce their work to members of the theatre community that can assist in elevating their shows to the next level with a minimal expense to the participant. To learn more about the panel, the participants, or to simply purchase tickets for some magnificent theatre, please visit .

The Broadway and television writing communities are excited to announce that the 2016 NYNW participants are:

Glockcoma - Rachel Rotay & Robert Rotay
Eternal Cycle of A Hopeless Kind Soul - Gabriel Torres
Angie Jackson The Musical - Vincent Kee
Current Affairs - Maria Marino
Gutless and Grateful - Amy Oestreicher
Most Likely To - Ryan Vincent Anderson
Slow Dating - Adam Szudrich
The Curse of Cristanello - Peter Timony
Deployed - Natalie Lovejoy
Transgression - Alyssa Oltmanns
Have a Little Heart - Ethan Cohen
In a Vision, or in None - Tasha Nicole Partee
Pageant Princess - Lorelei Mackenzie, Kristen Penner & Joni Ernst
Destination Wedding - Jack Wernick
Marilyn in Fragments - Marissa Mulder & Sondra Lee
Blindsided Date - Marissa Kohn
Protect the Children - Mara Lee Gilbert
Beyond POP! - A TELEVOLUTION! - iMov
EnTech - Jon M. Bremner
Oh, loves a girl - Dempsey Bryk
The Love Junkie - Bridget Barkan
The Pyramid - Diana Brown
Imaginary - Nick Radu
A Night with Mr. Wonderful - Solomon Kee
World Without End - Allison Zajac-Batell
It's My Divorce, Y'all Come - Keith Herron
Waiting for a Friend - Alfred C. Martino
In love with the Arrow Collar Man - Lance Ringel
Queen Me - Schonte Hamilton
A Chronic Line - Adrian Miranda
Instaurito - Robert Cooperman
WICKED CLONE - INDIGGO TWINS (Mihaela Modorcea & Gabriela Modorcea)
Jungle of Us - Neath Williams
Seducer - June Carryl
Kiel and Abby - Maggie Rose
Palin LIVE! - Erica Vlahinos
The Other Shoe - Becky Lee Kimsey
Starmites: Rebooted - Barry Keating
The Pythia - Holly Aladin
Flesh and Spirit - Sara McDermott, Charlie Sutton, & Steven Skeels
Wings of the Griffin - Julie Saltman
ICON - Jonathan Kaldor & Sebastian Michael
Toothpicks VII: Khazouk - Mark Ford
Siren's Den - Rori Nogee, Frank Perri & Jaden Nogee
It Ain't Pretty - Annette Guarrasi
Theodora III: Forever Augusta - Shaun Mitchell
Home Sweet Home - Mary-Frances Doherty
Mourning Becomes Ridiculous - Chuck Muckle & David Eisner
Ruminations of an Art Student - Carrie Robbins
Shoulda' Swallowed: Monica Lewinsky and the Women Who F**k Presidents - Erica Vlahinos
Flowers - Jennifer L. DiOrio
Trashman's Dilemma - Bruce Gooch

2016 Panel

Lucia Kaiser - Broadway Producer

Paul Sladkus - Emmy Winner

Michael Barra - Industry Leader

Sjon Dowell - Industry Leader

Ben Simpson - Broadway Producer

Jana Robbins - Broadway Producer

R. Erin Craig - Broadway Producer

Larry Kaye - Broadway Producer

Larry Freitag - Broadway Producer

Doug Denoff - Broadway Producer

Christain Cazerez - Emmy Award Winner

Stu Sternbach - Broadway Producer

Craig "muMs" Grant - Emmy Winning Show

Lauren Class Schneider - Broadway Producer

Matthew Lombardo - Broadway Playwright

Paula Levine - Emmy Winner

Brette Goldstein - Casting Agent

Joseph Longthorn - Broadway Producer

Carol Ostrow - Industry Leader

Ben Cameron - Industry Leader

Hinton Battle - Tony Award Winner

Vincent Morano - Emmy Winning T.V. show

Lizabeth Zindel - Broadway Producer

Stephanie Isocovitz - Festival Winner

Gene Fisch, Jr. - Broadway Producer

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