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The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Celebrates 100 Episodes of Drunken Debauchery!

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Celebrates 100 Episodes of Drunken Debauchery!"EXTRA! EXTRA! Hey look at the headline!" Broadwaysted, the hilarious and boozy podcast where hosts Bryan Plofsky, Kevin Jaeger, and Kimberly Schmidt drink and play games with the stars of NYC Theatre, is excited to celebrate the release of their 100th episode this week! The special, extended episode released on iTunes on Tuesday, May 15th features the debut of a brand new theme song, a redesigned logo, and special surprise congratulatory shout outs from an impressive list of #FriendsoftheShow.

"We wanted to do something extra special for our 100th episode to acknowledge this milestone and set the tone for the exciting things coming in the future," said host Bryan Plofsky. "A new song and a new logo seemed like a great way to do that." The new "Broadwaysted Theme Song" was written and produced by Jeff Daye and Lloyd Kikoler and the redesigned logo was created by graphic designer Christie Gonzalez.

In the special 100th episode, Bryan, Kevin, and Kimberly play classic games "Dirty Hands on a Hardbody" and "Heads Up," try out the new game "On the Episode 2000 (We Mean 200)," and answer questions from #ListenersoftheShow submitted through social media. Bryan, Kevin, and Kimberly also each make up questions for their own versions of "Kevin's Corner." However, Kimberly Schmidt's favorite part of the 100th episode was breaking out the new collection of Lights of Broadway Show Cards Broadwaysted received from the Light Catcher Nation.

"We recently were very sad to discover that our entire collection of Lights of Broadway Show Cards had been stolen from the studio where we normally record," Game Master Kimberly Schmidt stated. "I didn't know what to do, so I reached out to the Light Catcher Facebook group and with Laura Heywood's help, suddenly cards started pouring in from everywhere!"

Co-host Kevin Jaeger thinks that the outpouring of support from the #ListenersoftheShow was the perfect way to cap off 100 episodes. "We love doing Broadwaysted and sharing our wacky love of theatre and cocktail hour shenanigans with the people who listen in--whether they listen once to hear their favorite star or they listen every week. The joy we get out of making the show would be enough for us to want to make another hundred episodes, but seeing the way people reached out to make sure we could still play our crazy Lights of Broadway Show Cards games has been truly amazing and humbling. We can't wait to make more episodes!"

When asked about what to expect in the next 100 episodes, host Bryan Plofsky said, "We have some things in the works. A few special new guests, a few returning #FriendsoftheShow..." Kevin quickly interjected, "I'm hard at work on a new Radio Play slated for this year and I know Kimberly has some awesome, brand new games she's been working on!" However, the Broadwaysted crew asserted that the heart of the show will always remain the same. "Love of theatre, Love of cocktails with best friends, and Love of laughing and having a good time," Kimberly added with a smile. "Those are the things we started with on Episode One and those are the things that will always be the essence of Broadwaysted."

Broadwaysted releases a new episode every Tuesday and is available free on iTunes.

Listen to the episode here:

About the Show: Broadwaysted: Where we're drunk on Broadway! Literally. This isn't your typical theatre podcast. Come "take a glass together" with us every Tuesday!

Join our cocktail hour as we pour a few rounds, play some games, and chat all things theatre with your favorite members of the Broadway community. From current hits, to past flops, and future stars, Broadwaysted drinks to it all. It's a place to unwind, be yourself, and hang out among friends who love what you love. Feel like you're at the table with your host Bryan Plofsky, co-host Kevin Jaeger, game master Kimberly Cooper, and amazing guests! Let's all get Broadwaysted!

Twitter: @Broadwaysted
Instagram: @Broadwaysted
Bryan's Twitter: @nuttyplofessor
Kevin's Twitter: @JaegerKev
Kimberly's Twitter: @KimberCoops

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