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Student Blogs to Check Out This Week - Graduating, Summer Stock Tips & More!


Check out what our student bloggers are writing about for the week of May 27 - June 3.

Our student bloggers write about how they're coping with the current global health crisis, give insight on their school's performing arts programs, share their opinions on the latest theater news, and so much more.

Read some of the top blogs from this week below!

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Student Blog: Bye Bye UCIStudent Blog: Bye Bye UCI

Student Blogger: Claire Desenberg

Excerpt: These are some of the most formative years where you are learning so much about yourself and who you want to be in this world. You will make plenty of mistakes and take risks that will be the best decisions you could have made. As cliché as it is, take every moment for what it is and don't stress about what hasn't happened yet

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: The World Turned Upside Down - A Year of Gaining a BFA in Musical Theatre OnlineStudent Blog: The World Turned Upside Down - A Year of Gaining a BFA in Musical Theatre Online

Student Blogger: Dylan Kerr

Excerpt: Let's set the stage: A twenty-year-old girl in a bright pink crop top in a 200 sq ft apartment, her furniture stacked on top of each other, a tripod balanced on top of a footstool on her bed, her stuffed animals looking on mockingly, and a show tune exuberantly playing in the background. As she prepares for a jump, the heel of her LaDuca catches on the edge of her couch and sends her sprawling. Record scratch... You may be wondering how I got here.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Summer Stock Central: Personal Intro + Step #1 | Define “Summer Stock”Student Blog: Summer Stock Central: Personal Intro + Step #1 | Define "Summer Stock"

Student Blogger: Matt Guernier

Excerpt: Working Definition: An amorphous term that has come to describe any Professional (paid) theatre (musicals, plays, Shakespeare, musical variety) that occurs during the summer season (approx. May-September). Often featuring young professionals, Summer Stock work can be found at a variety of both year-round and summer-only venues and can often occur in non-traditional spaces, such as outdoors or under tents. While treated as an entry level/intern gig in the professional world with entry-level pay, Summer Stock work provides real world performance experience in addition to exposing early career theatremakers to a variety of other responsibilities (building sets, costuming, teaching, etc.).

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: A Letter to High School Directors: STOP DOING THIS SHOW!Student Blog: A Letter to High School Directors: STOP DOING THIS SHOW!

Student Blogger: Adam Beam

Excerpt: There are countless theatre departments out there, and after the year we've all had, the last thing I would want to do is stop anyone from putting on a show. This article is more or less here to think about when considering what production to bring to the stage next.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Katie Van SickleStudent Blog: Katie Van Sickle

Student Blogger: Katie Van Sickle

Excerpt: Hello there BroadwayWorld readers! My name is Katharine, but I usually go by Katie. I am 19 years old and from Alpharetta, Georgia. I am currently a rising sophomore at Columbus State University where I am a double major in both Theatre and Secondary Education with a focus in English. Theatre has been a big part of my life since the fourth grade, so I'm very excited to have the opportunity to be a student blogger for BroadwayWorld!

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: 10 Shows I'd Travel in Time to SeeStudent Blog: 10 Shows I'd Travel in Time to See

Student Blogger: Maddie Davies

Excerpt: A few days ago, one of my friends sent me a TikTok asking what shows I would choose to see if I had 3 comp tickets and a time machine. I liked this concept, but decided to make it a list of 10 instead of 3. For one, 3 shows would make for a pretty brief blog, and this way, I don't have to narrow my choices down as much. So without further ado, I present to you my carefully curated list (I quite literally took 3 hours to decide on just 10 shows).

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Why “Chicago” Is the Best Movie MusicalStudent Blog: Why "Chicago" Is the Best Movie Musical

Student Blogger: Alexandra Lang

Excerpt: As more and more musicals are turned into movies nowadays, like "In the Heights," "West Side Story" and now "Dear Evan Hansen," it's important to discuss what made the best adaptations so successful, and what future directors can learn from their predecessors to achieve similar quality. And after all, what better template for a movie musical than the first one to win the Academy Award for Best Picture since 1968?

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: There's Hope for Aspiring Immigrant ArtistsStudent Blog: There's Hope for Aspiring Immigrant Artists

Student Blogger: Zac Denver Lee

Excerpt: I keep asking myself if it's worth it to sacrifice my time, energy and money to pursue a far fetch dream of working on Broadway. With all the paperwork I have to do, paying so much to move halfway around the world to a future with some much uncertainty. What keeps me motivated is this dream and the passion I hold on to.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Question-Mark AnxietyStudent Blog: Question-Mark Anxiety

Student Blogger: Maggie Cummins

Excerpt: This is going to be a bit of a departure from my usual satirical articles. It has been approximately four months since I wrote a blog for BWW's student column. But here's the cold hard truth: I have had some serious writer's block this semester. Something stopped clicking, and therefore so did my keyboard.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Self Love Can Change EverythingStudent Blog: Self Love Can Change Everything

Student Blogger: Silvana Flores

Excerpt: This past year, with quarantine I've been learning how to DIY room decorations, how to do different tie-dye patterns, and other stuff, but the most important thing I've learned was to love myself, and I'm proud of that. Recently ,self-love has become a common topic of conversation, for example, with your friends circle you can talk about going to therapy, and even if not everyone can say it out loud, listening to others or reading others might help and that's why I'm sharing four things that might seem pretty easy or basic, but really helped me through this process of loving myself.

Read the full blog here!

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