STAGE TUBE: First Listen- Check out Tracks from New Musical LIKE ME

By: May. 09, 2015

Garry Lake and Jon Smith have just announced that LIKE ME - THE SOCIAL MEDIA MUSICAL will be presented on Broadway to an invited audience of potential investors and production partners, July 2015. Check out clips from the show below!

During its development history from song cycle to full-book musical, in both London and New York, the show has attracted the performing talents of CRYSTAL MOSSER, MIG AYESA, DEONE ZANOTTO, CHARLIE LEVY, REBECCA FAULKENBERRY, TRACY MCDOWELL, LUCIE JONES, SARAH FRENCH-ELLIS, JACK SHALLOO, GEORGINA HAGEN, JAKE SMALL and ROSS WILLIAM WILD.

Like Me is a four-hand, full-book musical that tackles the topic of social media head on. A timely theme; social media is altering how we communicate as human beings, how we present and promote ourselves online and how we communicate with others - brands now enter into online conversations with their customers - Friends organize meet-ups and then post the photo evidence of those reunions through digital channels. Family members choose to communicate with each other via social media platforms, rather than phone or even in lieu of real-world get-togethers - so much of what was once done in private, face-to-face conversations, is now publicly posted on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest...

Social media also influences, and is sometimes responsible for, creating relationships - how we meet our partners, how we interact and how we grow closer to others, sometimes having never met in real life... The rise and rise, and ultimately the influence, of social media on all our lives is profound, exciting and at the same time frightening.

Like Me - The Social Media Musical is the first musical to explore this worldwide phenomenon.

To learn more about this exciting new musical, the Investor Showcase on Broadway and the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign, click here.

Funny, touching and timely, LIKE ME shows how reliant we've all become on social media and how we live our digital lives often in stark contrast to our real world personas. Like Me has music & lyrics by Garry Lake creator of hit comedy show Jest End! now in it's sixth year, and a book by Jon Smith Scary Musical (Waterfront, Belfast), Monte Cristo The Musical (Birmingham Hippodrome), Naughty pour Homme (Park Theatre).