Review Roundup: Filmed TREVOR: THE MUSICAL Comes to Disney+

See what critics thought of the new Trevor: the Musical film on Disney+!

By: Jun. 24, 2022
Review Roundup: Filmed TREVOR: THE MUSICAL Comes to Disney+

Months after Trevor: the Musical concluded its Off-Broadway run, a filmed verison of the inspiring musical has officially made its way to Disney+. See what critics thought of the latest filmed musical added to streaming services!

"Trevor: The Musical" follows a charming 13-year-old force of nature with a vivid imagination. As he deals with becoming a teenager in 1981, Trevor struggles to navigate his own identity and determine how he fits in a challenging world.

When an embarrassing incident at school suddenly puts him under the wrong spotlight, Trevor must summon the courage to forge his own path. A deeply moving and funny story of self-discovery and the power of acceptance, Trevor is about living your best life with lots of passion... and a touch of pizzazz.

Thirteen-year-old Holden William Hagelberger stars as "Trevor" in "Trevor: The Musical." The 19-member company of "Trevor: The Musical" also features Mark Aguirre, Aaron Alcaraz, Ava Briglia, Sammy Dell, Tyler Joseph Gay, Ellie Kim, Colin Konstanty, Brigg Liberman, Diego Lucano, Alyssa Emily Marvin, Isabel Medina, Echo Deva Picone, Dan Rosales, Aryan Simhadri, Yasmeen Sulieman, Sally Wilfert, Aeriel Williams, and Jarrod Zimmerman.

Amy Nicholson, New York Times: "In different times, the original short injected morbid comedy into Trevor's habit of pretending to off himself for attention. Today, the suicide element has been softened, though one wonders if this generation's more attuned and sensitive kids will find this staging of "Trevor" quaint, kitschy - or perhaps still universal."

Brian Lowry, CNN: "'Trevor: The Musical' can't help but feel partly encumbered by the "important" label, bringing lessons about self-acceptance to Disney+, whose parent company has been a ripe target for controversy. Yet this filmed version of the off-Broadway show works as a triumph for the young cast and especially the relatable lead, powering past its lesser aspects with infectious energy and a touching message."

Jennifer Green, Common Sense Media: "While Trevor: The Musical isn't likely to find anywhere near the audience of Disney's filmed version of Hamilton, for example, audiences should probably get used to streaming plays and musicals. It's an opportunity for viewers who can't access or possibly afford to see them in their original context. In this case, the empowering tale draws you in, even while the on-screen experience is limited and will never compare to attending a performance live in a crowded theater."

Roger Moore, Movie Nation: "Their musical doesn't quite commit to its subject matter, and rarely dazzles as it dances its way around it. 'Trevor: The Musical' has pluck and real kids with just-hit-pubertyish voices and kid-simplified choreography awash in positive messaging in a show that feels seriously dated, if worthwhile in the attempt."

Alex Reif, Laughing Place: "The show was likely more engaging in a live setting and some sequences feel dragged on too long to hit a 2-hour mark on the show's total runtime, but it's still a joy to watch. The fact that a story as important as this is now accessible on a platform like Disney+, connected to an organization as necessary as The Trevor Project, shows just how far we've come from when the short that inspired it all was released."

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