Publisher And CSUN Student Sebastian Schug Credits A Professor For Inspiring His Career

Publisher And CSUN Student Sebastian Schug Credits A Professor For Inspiring His Career

Sebastian Schug, a highly published author and illustrator, capably took the reigns of self-publishing to achieve success not only for his own writing and illustration work, but to include fostering the success of other talented writers and illustrators. Schug is highly diversified when it comes to authoring, illustrating and publishing his own content, as well as the work of others. He has a highly successful children's book series entitled, "The Adventures of Daniel" which he works on as an illustrator and the publisher with author Rene Ghazarian. This book series was first published in 2015 with "The Adventures of Daniel: Introduction" and a year later, "Daniel Visits the Doctor," "Daniel visits Mt. Rushmore," and many more.

Through assisting authors and illustrators who need assistance with publishing, he helps many whose work encompasses a wide range of subject matter, content and tone.

Working on a variety of genres, Sebastian Schug pursues his love of writing satire, under the pen name of Nicolas M. Parker to keep the diverse genre range of his work separate. Schug stated in a recent interview, "Most of my published work falls under my pen-name, Nicolas Parker, although some of my books in the genre of satire are published under my own given name, Sebastian Schug, but only if there is enough of an overlap of lighthearted comedy and satire, and where I feel it is appropriate to do so." Continuing, "Under the pen name I developed "Nicolas Parker," there are roughly twenty projects written, illustrated, narrated, and / or published either individually or through collaborative efforts."

Sebastian Schug refers to satirical writing as one of his "most favorite genres", stating, "in many ways, satire offers an escape from one's standard definition of political correctness." Continuing, "It is a literary genre that most would take as a form of bad taste, however it's fair to say that it's always had its' audience, and it must be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak." Schug refers to his most popular series based in satire entitled "Courtesy Jerk," which has sold the most copies in ebook, audiobook and print formats," according to Schug. One of the books in the "Courtesy Jerk" series is entitled "Confessions of a Supermarket Employee," with an introduction which states,"Remember your first customer service job? Of course you don't. Because you have been trying to push it out of your subconscious for the past 15 to 20 years. It's cool. I get it. I am in that position as we speak."

Schug is in his early twenties now and is attending college while working an additional job, as well as pursuing his career diligently and with passion as an author, illustrator and publisher. Schug recalls finding an interest and passion for writing satire late in his senior year of high school. "Within my satirical works, states Schug, it is inevitable that I bring forth my own political preferences, biases and so on. I do tend to remain conservative on most social and business related issues on a moderate sense within my day to day life." Yet in his writing there is a range of satire. Concluding, "whenever I switch gears between writing, illustration and publishing projects of radically different subject matter, my process is fairly straightforward. In summary, "when writing satire, I know it will be best if I am myself actually annoyed or passionate in my disliking of a certain topic, yet I never carry that same attitude when writing, illustrating or narrating a story intended for younger audiences. Simply put, it's an attitude adjustment that I give myself.

Schug mentioned being inspired by a California State University, Northridge Professor of political philosophy, namely Professor Nicholas Dungey. Schug concluded, "I have only Nicholas Dungey to thank for being such an energetically prominent figure in further assisting my understanding of philosophical subject matter." Nicholas Dungey is the current webmaster and host of "Dungey State University," an online political philosophy podcast centered around current events of national and international affairs.

Back to Schug's favorite satirical work which he has written and published, "Courtesy Jerk," he describes it as, separate stories in a related series of books consisting of one hundred pages, set in the perspective of a minimum wage employee's gripes about characteristics, on the job responsibilities and encounters while being employed in the aforementioned capacity. Schug concluded the interview by stating that his goal as an illustrator, writer and publisher is "to showcase the humor in an otherwise serious world, and to do so without censor," as it relates to his satirical work. Sebastian Schug states that there will be a shift in the production of the books that he publishes in the future, as he plans to spend more time "being both a publisher and an illustrator of other's work," respectively in lieu of Schug himself developing new stories and content as both an illustrator and author. "In addition to this change, states Schug, more time will be spent on developing audiobooks through various distribution channels for past, present and future published projects."

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Sebastian Schug - Author, Illustrator, Publisher who credits his professor Nicholas Dungey for his success.

Below - California State University Professor Nicholas Dungey


Publisher And CSUN Student Sebastian Schug Credits A Professor For Inspiring His Career
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