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NewFilmmakers Presents Christian Sex Night Series- Including a Short Film Program and Two New Feature Films Tonight

NewFilmmakers Presents Christian Sex Night Series- Including a Short Film Program and Two New Feature Films Tonight

NewFilmmakers is a unique Screening Series that gives new filmmakers the opportunity to screen their films in New York Los Angeles, and Online. Tonight, June 10th, NewFilmmakers presents our Christian Sex Night Series including a Short Film Program and two new Features, WHO'S AFRAID OF VAGINA WOLF and WHERE WE STARTED.

6:00 PM Short Film Program

Robbie Norris SECOND KISS (2012, 9 minutes)

A drunken hook-up turns disastrous, as childhood crushes Heather and Jeff are forced to endure the morning after with her family.

Takahisa Shiraishi JUDITH (2013, 9 minutes)

This is a silent short film based on the Book of Judith from the Bible. In the eighteenth year of his reign, Nabuchodonosor king of the Assyrians commanded Holofernes the chief general of his army to avenge the land of Jordan, which he tried to invade once and failed. Holofernes destroyed thecities of Israel one after another. Now the army surrounded the city of Bethulia.

Blake Pruitt CAMCHAT (2013, 14 minutes)

Alec encounters various men in online chat rooms, his experiences ranging from purely sexual to purely emotional and the confusing space in between.

Liam Ahern ENJOY BETTER (2013, 30 minutes)

An aimless, numb Millennial drifts through his days working as a color-corrector for a fledgling hardcore porn site, and his evenings with his father, a children's talent agent, who watches absurd audition tapes in search of the next child star.

7:30 PM First Feature Presentation

Anna Margarita Albelo WHO'S AFRAID OF VAGINA WOLF (2013, 83 m)

As another birthday rolls around, forty-year-old filmmaker Anna (played by the director) returns to her never-changing list of resolutions: lose twenty pounds, get a girlfriend, and direct a feature film. Imagine Liz Lemon, if she were a lesbian cinéaste with a dash of Cuban blood in her. This year, Anna plans to knock (at least) two of those resolutions out with one stone, as she begins writing a lesbian remake of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, devised to win the affections of her leading lady, Katia (Janina Gavankar of The L-Word).

9:00 PM Second Feature Presentation

Chris Hansen WHERE WE STARTED (2012, 105 minutes)

When there's a line you know you shouldn't cross...what makes you cross it anyway? Two married strangers who have reached the age where life's disappointments begin to add up consider other options when a chance meeting leads to a possible romance in this drama.

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