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#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Elizaveta with Student Mentors

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It's #MeaningfulMonday! Learn about how Elizaveta is mentoring students at a local orphanage!

#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Elizaveta with Student Mentors

As BroadwayWorld previously reported, we're featuring high school and college students that are giving back to their communities through the arts as part of #MeaningfulMonday!

Meet Elizaveta, a student at the Moscow State Institute of Culture, who is using her vocal talents to mentor orphans at a local orphanage!

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#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Elizaveta with Student MentorsWhat does Student Mentors do?

We come to different orphanages based in Moscow, spend our time with the children, sing with them, dance with them, draw with them and just have a great time together.

How did you get involved?

My college recommended me as a volunteer to this program.

#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Elizaveta with Student MentorsWhat inspired you to join this opportunity?

I have always wanted to help people, especially children. That's why I couldn't miss this wonderful opportunity when it was offered to me.

Share a fond memory from your time working with Student Mentors!

I remember the day I first came to one of the orphanages. It was for the children and adults with special needs. Some boys called me mom though I was even younger than they were. I was 17 at the moment. It was really touching and sad. My heart ached for them. One of the boys wanted to share with us volunteers what he wanted to become in the future. He said that wanted to be a cleaner because he cleaned up his room really well every day. And that was the moment I felt really devastated. Why do the teachers there in the orphanages want the children to become only cooks, cleaners and anything like that? Most of the orphans are so talented and really good at arts. That's what our charity organization does. We try to make a change through the arts. Talents should be recognized and developed.

#MeaningfulMonday - Meet Elizaveta with Student MentorsWhat are your plans for the future?

I will definitely continue taking part in this in the future if this program is still on. Due to the pandemic there is a possibility that this particular organization won't last.

What does performing arts mean to you?

To me it means making a difference. I believe that performing arts can change the world for the better.

"I'm a huge fan of Broadway musicals and majoring in voice performance in college."

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