LoNyLa Launches Their First Writing Lab


LoNyLa, a new space for artists worldwide will launch its first lab with the development of nine scripts. LoNyLa, is a transatlantic lab that helps writers develop material over a 12-week period, by communicating with seasoned artists in three linked hubs, London, New York and Los Angeles, where writers are exposed to different creative approaches and processes. Invited writers will travel virtually to three cities over a three-month period and will work with seasoned actors, directors and dramaturges.

On March 6th, LoNyLa's three teams will come together for a three-hour session to work on the material of a British writer and two American writers. The three teams will log in to a single video streaming platform to broadcast the readings and provide real-time feedback to the writers.

LoNyLa is a new venture created by graduates of Yale College and the Yale School of Drama. Transatlantic artist Neil LaBute, Christopher Shinn, Wilson Milam and Phyllis Nagy will help LoNyLa artists navigate the journey across the sea.

The LoNyLa Project is a transatlantic lab that helps writers develops material over a 12-week period, by connecting with seasoned artists. Writers are exposed to different creative approaches and processes. Founder J. Dakota Powell said, "We are excited to combine the artistic development process with the Internet to provide opportunities to artists across the Atlantic. We aim to create a global network where artists can meet and collaborate on new work."

2011 LoNyLa Scripts Are:

(screenplay) To save the life of a street kid, a working class woman must break free from a controlling famous author and confront the gangster boyfriend of her past.

SOMETHING TO HOLD by Paul Charlton
(play) In a small town in Co Durham, England, three damaged young people go to extreme lengths to protect each other.

LAZYEYE by Nicholas McInerny
(play) Two successful men meet after twenty-five years. One is a brilliant eye surgeon who has lost his way. The other a powerful businessman who wants his perfect sight restored. Both share a secret, but only one of them feels guilty. An operation is meant to cure....isn't it?

WHISKEY HOLLOW by Chris Chaberski and Philip Easley
(TV pilot) All Nicky, Megan, and Jake want is a hassle-free spot in the woods to party. After their spot gets busted by the cops, they hear of the legend of Whiskey Hollow: the ultimate drinking spot. Our trio uncovers bigger secrets, revealing that their town of Southole Union might be more significant than they had imagined-that their fun-loving traditions may be a vital part of America's past.

YOSEMITE by Daniel Talbott
(play) Siblings Ruby, Jake, and Jer spend their Saturday in the snow-covered woods behind the trailer park where they live in the Sierra Nevada foothills. They search for a way out of their lives as they attempt to bury their latest casualty.

RIFT by Caridad Svich
(play) An epic yet intimate story about lives torn by war and its aftermath, by abuse and damage, human sex trafficking and globalization, and the spiritual search for beauty and grace.

(film adaptation) The Spy next door. The FBI agent that hunts her down. Who will get hit first?

PALOMA by Anne Garcia-Romero
(play) Ibrahim, a practicing Muslim, and Paloma, a nominal Catholic, fall in love while studying at New York University. Inspired by a 14th century Muslim meditation on love, the couple travels to Spain to overcome religious differences. After tragedy strikes, Ibrahim must confront their past in order to survive.

STREET TO TREAT by Zoanne Clack
(TV pilot) A new medical drama.

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