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Laura Bell Bundy Releases 'Women of Tomorrow' Album Today

The project is being released through a partnership with ONErpm.

Laura Bell Bundy Releases 'Women of Tomorrow' Album Today

Actress, singer and Tony nominated Broadway star, Laura Bell Bundy, is thrilled to release her highly-anticipated album, Women of Tomorrow.

Inspired by the music of The Andrew Sisters, Doris Day, Peggy Lee, and classic MGM movie musicals, Women of Tomorrow, is vintage in sound but not in subject matter. Like the current pop elements sprinkled throughout, this album encapsulates the experiences of today's modern women in a poignant, thought-provoking and musical way.

These original songs cover issues like equal pay, breaking the glass ceiling, over-apologizing, the mental load of motherhood, pitting women against each other, holding women to unrealistic beauty standards, the obsession with social media, ownership over women's bodies, doing it all, and women's relationship to men.

Bundy says, "I wanted to release this album on Mother's Day Weekend because of the amazing opportunity and responsibility we have as Mothers to make change in the world through our parenting. The way young women feel about themselves and their self-worth, and the way young men value women, starts with the way they are raised. Belief systems about a woman's value, or the gift of femininity, or consent are formed at an early age at home."

"I began making the album when I was pregnant (thanks to IVF) and finished it postpartum with a 9 month old son," Bundy continues. "My perspective of what it means to be a woman not only evolved as I researched and reflected on the issues and topics I was covering in each song, but also because I had become a mother. I felt the mental load, the mommy brain. I took on the unpaid labor of the second shift all while in the studio singing about it. I felt the pressures from society to bounce back and to be beautiful and fully healed right after going through the transformative, empowering and traumatic physical feat of labor. I found myself completely in awe of what women can do, juggle and make look like a cakewalk . I became even more determined that women's equality is imperative."

Four critically acclaimed singles have been released from the album thus far including: the ode to equal pay, "Money Ho (Let's Get Down To Business)," Bundy's poignant commentary on the American dream, "American Girl," her stirring rendition of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and the ultimate female empowerment anthem "Get It Girl, You Go." Women of Tomorrow features 10 songs total, with Bundy, Shea Carter and Jeremy Adelman serving as co-writers and co-producers.

The project is being released through a partnership with ONErpm.

In companionship to the album, Bundy hosts her musical podcast, Women of Tomorrow, which powerfully and deeply dives into the issues each song on her album presents, examines the history of those matters and provides solutions for moving forward.

"This album has been my own 12 step program in 10 songs. I am Laura Bell Bundy, and I am a woman. I can admit now that I have a digital disease, I apologize too much, I feel the pressures of society to be beautiful and young, I haven't been able to walk home from a bar without being scared, I have been verbally abused, I've been underpaid, undervalued, I have pit myself against another woman, I've been called a whore just for acting normal, I have been called bossy because I was assertive and direct, I have dealt with infertility, I have been completely overwhelmed as a mother, I have doubted my self worth ... #metoo #metoo #metoo, girl," Bundy concludes.

Listen here:

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