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Kirkland Arts Centre Presents 'Off the Map: Exhibition Lecture', 2/26

Off the Map

Jill Hardy, Lize Mogel, Hugo Solis, and Claude Zervas

Friday, February 26, 7 PM
at the Henry Art Gallery
Kirkland Arts Center and Henry Members FREE / General Admission $5

OFF THE MAP is the inaugural exhibition of Kirkland Arts Center's Emerging Curator Initiative. This exhibition is now on view in KAC's Gallery through Wednesday, March 10.

Exploring the intersection of art and science, Off the Map examines how new geospatial mapping technologies inspire artistic creation in mapping experiences. Reflecting the shift in mapping practices, this exhibition lecture offers insights by artists appropriating new cartographic techniques and publishing the communication capabilities of maps.

The Off the Map exhibition catalog will be available to lecture attendees at no charge. Printing of this catalog was made possible through the support of the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation.

Lize Mogel is an interdisciplinary artist who works with the interstices between art and cultural geography. She inserts and distributes and cartographic projects into public space and via publications. She is co-editor of the book/map collection "An Atlas of Radical Cartography" and
co-curator of the traveling exhibition "An Atlas". She also co-curated "Genius Loci", an exhibition of conceptual mappings of Los Angeles (Sci-Arc, Los Angeles, California Museum of Photography, Riverside). She has worked with groups including the Center for Land Use Interpretation and the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest. Exhibitions include the Gwangju Bienniale (South Korea,) common room (NYC), Casco (Utrecht), and "Experimental Geography" (touring). She has received grants from the Jerome Foundation, the LEF Foundation, the Graham Foundation, the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Danish Arts Council for her work.

Jill Hardy is the curator of Off the Map, the inaugural exhibition resulting from Kirkland Arts Center's Emerging Curator Initiative. Jill's first exhibition includes an impressive selection of artists, representing a wide range of media and technique, and demonstrating the depth of her curatorial focus and a keen eye for selecting supporting work. For her efforts, Off the Map has garnered critical recognition and has been awarded two grants, funding the production of an exhibition catalog and this exhibition lecture.

Hugo Solis is currently a Ph.D. student in University of Washington's DXARTS program. He holds a DEA of Computer Sciences and Digital Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University, where he was member of the Music Technology Group. He received a Masters in Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Laboratory - Opera of the Future where he developed an audiovisual system for improvisatory music. As an undergrad, he studied piano, composition, and music technology at the Escuela Nacional de Música of the UNAM in Mexico City. He has collaborated in many interdisciplinary projects with dancers, painters, filmmakers, and radio-artists, and in recent years, has created several multimedia works and installations. In Off the Map, Hugo's collaboration with Bruce Hemingway produced Swarms, a virtual network modeling a system in which a group's collective behavior is more sophisticated than that of its individual members, with approximately a dozen "superbirds" made of electronic circuits positioned throughout the gallery.

Claude Zervas is a Seattle-based artist whose work has appeared in many exhibitions throughout the west. His artwork is held in collections of the Seattle Art Museum and Tacoma Art Museum, and he is represented locally by James Harris Gallery. In Off the Map, his work Skagit maps the topology of the Skagit River as it flows from the North Cascades out into Puget Sound in equal sections of glowing fluorescent tubes.

Off the Map Exhibition
February 12 - March 10, 2010
Curated by Jill Hardy

Artists: Scott Bailey, Liz Hickok, Maya Lin, Matthew Picton,
Jane Tsong, Claude Zervas, Hugo Solis and Bruce Hemingway

Opening Reception:
Thursday, February 11, 6 - 8:30 PM

Exhibition Lecture: Henry Art Gallery
Friday, February 26, 7 PM

Off the Map is part of KAC's Emerging Curator Initiative

What is it that is so intriguing about maps? Their ability to reveal what is too large to see, or too abstract to perceive is a nearly universal source of wonderment. Even though cartography is typically thought of as an objective, scientific process, the ability to exclude or display information reveals the inherent subjectivity associated with map-making.

Drawn to the combination of science and subjectivity, artists reflect a universal cognitive and cultural need to visual the space around us. With new exploration and discovery come new forms of map-making and new kinds of maps. Recognizing our increasing dependency on maps, the artists in Off the Map present alternative perspectives and reveal significant relationships that are otherwise too obscure to see, visualizing the connectivity in our world and simultaneously make the unknown more rational.

The Emerging Curator Initiative is a collaborative venture shared between Kirkland Arts Center (KAC) and the University of Washington's Museology Graduate Program. The Initiative serves a common goal: to offer a graduate student the opportunity to plan and execute an exhibition hosted in the KAC Gallery, as part of the student's thesis project. Once selected, the student works closely with representatives of both organizations to shape their concept, define their inquiry, and connect that framework to artwork that expresses it.

An exhibition catalog is being printed in association with the exhibition Off the Map. Production of this catalog has been generously supported by the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation.

620 Market Street
Kirkland, WA 98033

Kirkland Arts Center is located at the corner of 7th Avenue & Market Street in Kirkland.

Hours for the Kirkland Arts Center Gallery are Monday through Friday,
11 AM to 6 PM; Saturdays, 11 AM to 5 PM and second Thursdays until 8 PM.
The Gallery is free and open to the public.


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