Jason Kander Strikes Back at Richard Spencer's Use of Song from CABARET

Richard Spencer, founder of the 'Alt-Right' movement is no one's favorite person, especially as he continually harasses Democrats on Twitter. In a recent exchange reporter and columnist Eli Lake and Josh Marshall, editor and publisher of the news publication Talking Points Memo, Spencer pushed his luck.

Lake initially posted an article about Russian/US relations with the comment 'an essential piece on why we need a unity strategy to defeat Russia.

Spencer responded with a question

Lake kept his answer simple

Spencer didn't give up there

Josh Marshall joined the conversation and candidly spoke his mind

which goaded Spencer

Marshall then told Spencer to take his philosophies back to an era where they would be more appreciated

Spencer responded with 'Tomorrow Belongs to Us,' a song sung by Nazi's in CABARET

The invocation of the iconic musical brought political superstar Jason Kander, nephew of John Kander, into the conversation where the former Missouri Secretary of State educated Spencer on a few things concerning the anthem.

Spencer effectively retreated, while the Twitterverse was free to appreciate John Kander's songwriting skill and convincing portrayal of the Weimar era.

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