Introducing Online Theater Classes for Singing

Article Pixel and The Institute for American Musical Theatre have joined forces to bring VoiceBarre® to you! Over the 10 weeks of classes, you'll study singing, acting or dance techniques (or all three!), taught by an all-star IAMT faculty - all from your home computer or mobile device. It's the best and most cost-effective way to prepare for school, hone your skills and get tips and knowledge from teachers who are actually IN the industry. There will be several live-streamed events where you can ask questions directly to IAMT faculty along with opportunities to submit videos of yourself performing to receive direct and specific feedback.

Of course, the ideal situation would be to have one on one time with a knowledgeable voice teacher who can evaluate your voice, guide your progress and give you voice building exercises that have been proven in the voice studio to yield results. Finding that knowledgeable voice teacher isn't always easy or even available in your city and can be very costly. With this online series, you will get 10 classes over the course of 10 weeks. For less than the cost of 3 voice lessons, you will receive: 10 complete VoiceBarre® lessons, a "VoiceBarre® Basics" tutorial to explain the fundamentals of VoiceBarre and why they are so important in building a healthy voice. Also, included will be a video called "Vocal Myths: why they should be left in the dark ages". This video will explain why dropping your jaw, raising your soft palate, expanding your ribcage when you breathe and depressing your larynx while singing can be damaging to your voice, make your voice tired easily, and why I call them the Four Horsemen of the Vocal Apocalypse.

Learn VoiceBarre® from the man who invented it, IAMT founder, Andrew Drost. Mr. Drost is a celebrated voice teacher (voted "Favorite Vocal Coach in NYC" by Backstage Magazines Reader's Choice Awards) as well as an international opera singer (more than 30 productions Worldwide) and Broadway performer (Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, Most Happy Fella). Mr. Drost knows, firsthand, the demands of a professional schedule and how important vocal technique is. You will learn what it takes to sustain an 8 show week schedule and see why IAMT students are gaining a reputation for being some of the best-prepared singers in the country by some of the top casting directors in the industry.

As a voice teacher of more than a decade, I have come to realize that there is much confusion about proper vocal technique and its application in the many different styles of singing that exist in the world today. "Drop your jaw" "Sing from your larynx" "Sing from your diaphragm" "Expand your ribcage" "Keep your tongue down" "Keep your soft palate lifted" and "Give it more support" are some of the frequent things I have heard in my voice studio over the years and the students all seem to have the same vocal issues. Have you heard any or all of these? The language that voice teachers and choir directors use seems to be chock full of such confusing, vague and sometimes dangerous cliches. Most students don't have enough information to question the "wisdom" of their teachers, and they will push, manipulate and strain their voices until one day they realize that their voice is damaged. Fortunately, this is easily avoidable if you have a system of exercises that makes sense, is proven to work and progress in a way that builds a voice on a healthy foundation! VoiceBarre® IS that system! You don't need to study for years to see results, simply do the work, practice and within your first lesson, you will start to feel a difference. First-time students are always amazed at how quickly their voices can transform in just one hour. I often hear "I have learned more in one hour doing VoiceBarre® than in the past (enter number here) of years with other teachers!" VoiceBarre® teaches you how to sing through freedom, not compression or manipulation. A voice needs to be free in order to have full control of vocal dynamics and to truly express a song with your own individual artistry.

Introducing Online Theater Classes for Singing

IAMT is the #1 post-secondary, two-year professional training program in New York City. We are looking to work with students who have the passion and desire to pursue a career in musical theatre. We believe in a positive approach to teaching by celebrating what is unique in you, while refining your unexplored potential. The Institute for American Musical Theatre, after only 3.5 years, has 2 students in Broadway shows, 7 National Tours, 3 off-Broadway shows and dozens or regional engagements! We have workshopped three brand new musicals by Tony award winners and established writing teams with dozens more to come! That, in addition to our unprecedented access to the industry, is why IAMT is becoming known simply as "Broadway's School". Join us and come learn from our amazing all professional faculty!

How Do Classes Work?

You will receive a private login to a secure site which will allow you to watch all classes in your series. Each week, for ten weeks new one-hour classes will be available on the secure site. You will be notified as each new class is posted, and can watch the class both instantly and on demand. All classes will remain available in your library to watch again, on-demand.

After watching each class, you'll have the ability to submit questions, comments and feedback to the instructors which will be answered in future episodes.

How Does Feedback Work?

For each series (Acting, Voice and Dance) that you sign up for, you will receive two opportunities to get feedback from IAMT instructors - giving you their insights into your progress, career advice, and next steps in your theatrical education journey.

Each week we will open up a schedule of 15-minute slots for you to sign up for, to connect you with your teacher for a 1:1 session. If there's a dance, scene or song to prepare, you will receive materials in advance so you are ready to go!

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