Glee-Cap: Props/Nationals


You know what they say – double your pleasure, double the fun, right? Hey, it worked for the Olsen Twins and Double Mint Gum –  why not Glee? It's a two hour event, Gleeks! Nationals! Double the drama! Double the hilarity! Big time fun! 

Rachel continues to lament her choked NYADA audition, while Sue informs Mercedes and Kurt that they created a show choir celebrity by pushing Wade to embrace his Unique side. The glee club preps for Nationals, but Tina is not happy with the Rachel Berry show that glee club has become – leading to a confrontation with Rachel about how she could easily do what she does. While shopping at the mall for costume pieces, Tina trips and falls into the fountain, hitting her head and resulting in some sort of odd body swap in which everyone in glee club has switched with someone else – Tina is now Rachel, who is rescued from the fountain by Puck asBlaineand Finn as Kurt. Tina gets her standing ovation and Rachel Berry-esque moment by performing "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion and building up Rachel as Tina a little before the strange dream is a mere memory as Tina is pulled out of the fountain by the real Kurt and Blaine.

The preparation for Nationals continues – Sue continues to push the drag idea, which Kurt turned down over and over, while also pushing an odd obsession with props. Meanwhile, Mercedes, Brittany, and Santana go to confront Coach Bieste, whose lie of leaving Cooter has come to light, the trio offers her a spot as a chaperone for Nationals to give her a relief, but she is hesistant. After viewing video of Vocal Adrenaline performing, Puck decides to take on the drag challenge, but it backfires on him when the hockey team gangs up on him about it and his failure to graduate.

Tina convinces Rachel to go visit Carmen Taubado, whose teaching a master class not too far away, leading to a bonding road trip between the two. Puck confronts the hockey team, only to end up pulling a prop knife from West Side Story and getting caught by Coach Bieste. When Bieste leads Puck to the locker room, Puck breaks down about his future and his failure, leading Bieste to realize they have a lot more in common then she'd lead herself to believe. 

Rachel confronts Carmen about how she's not going to give up on her dream of NYADA, which doesn't seem to truly phase La Taubado, despite Tina's best efforts to convince her otherwise. Bieste confronts Cooter, and finally leaves him behind, before joining Puck in singing Taylor Swift's "Mean". Bieste reveals to Puck that she spoke to his teacher about his failed test and got him a restest, which she'll help him with, because he's truly helped her in more ways than he'll ever know.

Bieste arrives to Sue's office and announces they'll be accepting the offer to chaperone and that she's officially left Cooter. Rachel and Tina lead the way to Nationals with a little flash, a little dance and a whole lotta "What A Feeling".

Once in Chicago, Mercedes falls ill and the tension and tempers flare, but New Directions plows through despite it all. Jesse and Rachel share a moment, before Finn arrives and whisks Rachel off to prepare. The New Directions take to the stage – The Troubletones lead off with "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga, leading into "It's All Coming Back to Me" to me by Celine Dion sung by Rachel, who is pleased to see Carmen has arrived to see her performance. The group comes together to perform "Paradiseby the Dashboard", all hoping to wow judges Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton, and Rex Lee.

Kurt and Mercedes go to wish Unique luck, but Wade is panicking about performing and the pressure he's under, but with a little nudge from the duo known as Kurtcedes, Unique gets up and performs a thrilling set of "Starship" by Nicki Manji and "Pinball Wizard" from the Who's Tommy leaving New Directions less than confident.

The judges go back and forth about their own egos, Lindsay and Perez having at it, before deciding on a winner – Unique is given the MVP award, while the New Directions are crowned winners of Nationals.

New Directions is welcomed back to McKinley like the victors they are, while Finn and Rachel are called to Principal Figgin's office for congrats and being asked to perform at the teacher of the year ceremony. The New Directions take to the stage and perform "We Are The Champions" in honor of Mr. Schuester being named teacher of the year.

And that is how you finish off a show choir season, Gleeks – as champions. Now, there's only one thing left – graduation. Next week, the future comes forward and meets our seniors at the threshold. Until next week, Gleeks. 


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