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Happy Valentine's Day, Gleeks – or as those who are single call it – Single's Awareness Day, where you spend your night watching Glee while others are on romantic dates and having perfect Valentine's Days! …Not that I'm bitter or anything. ..Let's embrace the Gleeky love!

Valentine's Day has arrived at McKinley and in honor of what she calls her favorite holiday, Sugar decides to have a Valentine's Day party at Breadstixs, but the catch is – no single people. Both Artie and Rory show interested in Ms. Motta and begin showering her with love, while Kurt gets secret admirer gifts – which he presumes are from Blaine.  The Berry men shower their daughter and their soon to be son in law with love and blessings, deciding they want to invite the Hudson-Hummels for a Valentine's Day's dinner. With the Glee Club not doing something for Valentine's Day to raise money, the God Squad [led by Mercedes] turns to Valentine singing grams to raise money, which works well for new addition, Joe Hart.

Santana and Brittany get called into Figgin's office after someone complains about their public displays of affection, which sends Santana on a crusade. Rachel and Finn announce their engagement to the glee club, which doesn't sit well with Kurt and Quinn, but the rest seem supportive. Artie turns to song to snag Sugar, singing "Let Me Love You" and snaring the suGary Love for his own, leaving Rory out for revenge. The God Squad performs "Stereo Hearts" to Rachel from Finn, which prompts Santana to use the God Squad to send a message to Brittany and Figgins.

Rory tells the glee club that his student visa will end at the end of the school year, after which he'll return to Ireland. Performing "Home", Rory explains to the New Directions that they have become like a family to him, a message Sugar is taken by and prompts her to ask Rory to be her date to her party. The God Squad meets to discuss Santana's offer, which leaves Joe as the deciding factor, thus prompting him to think it over.

Mercedes informs Sam that she told Shane about their pseudo rekindled relationship and that it broke his heart, leaving her to question who she is when she's in love and what true love is - thus she turns to the Dolly/Whitney classic "I Will Always Love You".

The HummelHudsonBerry clan (sans Kurt) enjoys an interesting dinner, which includes an impromptu performance of "You're The Top" by the Berrys. After dinner, Finn and Rachel are allotted the chance to spend the night together, but soon it becomes clear they're not ready for domestic bliss quite yet.

Kurt arrives at Breadstixs thinking he'll be meeting Blaine, but it turns out his secret admirer is Karofsky. Karofsky admits he thinks he's in love with Kurt, but Kurt explains that while he does support Karofsky and would be friends,  he loves Blaine and isn't interested in Karofsky.  As Karofsky goes to leave, a boy from his new school catches part of what goes on, and seems suspicious. Finn and Rachel kiss and make up, before deciding to head to Sugar's party. The Berry men discuss their plan to overthrow the wedded bliss of Finn and Rachel, but it becomes clear there's no stopping it when Finn and Rachel declare they are getting married in May.

The God Squad accepts Santana's proposed Valentine gram and sing to Brittany, before Sugar introduces Blaine, who leads a rousing rendition of "Love Shack" with Kurt by his side.

So, did you meet your love at the Sugar Shack? Even if you didn't, the sweet sugary goodness of Glee (and maybe some chocolate) is all you need to have a great Valentine's Day. Next week - a lot is on the line, and things are about to get intense.

Until then, Gleeks!

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