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Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE

As part of BroadwayWorld's expansive coverage of the 69th Annual Tony Awards, we are providing the full text of all of the 2015 Tony Award acceptance speeches; from the emotional to the bizarre, and everything in between. Keep up with all of the winners' speeches on our continuously updated list.

Also make sure to stick with BroadwayWorld throughout Tony night, and into the morning, for all of the best videos, pictures, interviews, and commentary from theatre's biggest night.

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
Tommy Tune

Tommy Tune on receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award: "Right now I'm thinking of Texas in the 50s. You see, my father's great dream for me was the same as every Texas father's dream for their first born son - they wanted us all to leave Texas, go to New York, and dance in the chorus of a Broadway show. And I did it and I loved every single time step. Especially tonight - this is a great honor. My father thanks you, my mother thanks you, my sister Gracey thanks you, my brother Peter also, and I want to thank each and every one of you who through the years have either attended or contributed to my Broadway offerings. They would not have worked without you. We know that Broadway has a universal mystique, and I am proud and humbled to be part of our Broadway universe. It is vast and inclusive and I believe that all of it, ALL OF IT, is simply an expression of love. What I did for love. What we do for love. On with the show."

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren, THE AUDIENCE; Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play: "Your majesty you did it again. Thank you so much for this massive, massive honor. Baby, this is for you and you know why. That's nothing rude incidentally. The foundation upon which I stand built, beautifully build by an elegant and fleet play by Peter Morgan and an elegant production by Steven Daldry. An elegant and imaginative set by Bob Crowley, a stage management team who are certainly not elegant and crew who are stupendous. A dress who is a rock, producers who rock and of course an incredible cast of British and American actors who make the Atlantic look like a little creek you can just hop across. Thank you very much this is an incredible honor, I am so thrilled. Thank you very much indeed."

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
Richard McCabe

Richard McCabe, THE AUDIENCE, Best Featured Actor in a Play: "Well, this is nice, thank you so much, Tony voters. The last time I made an acceptance speech, I didn't really know what to say, and afterwards a well-known British actor came up to me and said, 'prepare your speech you tosser," so at the risk of sounding less than spontaneous, I'd like to thank first and foremost, the great Helen Mirren, who's absolutely every bit as fantastic off-stage as she is on. Our brilliant director, Stephen Daldry, Peter Morgan, for his funny, moving, finely wrought play, and indeed all our talented American-Anglo cast. I feel very honored to have been singled out for this award among such fine quality work, especially since no one here has ever even heard of the Prime Minister, who I play in the show, however were he alive today, I know Harold Wilson would be very tickled at being featured in a hit Broadway show. So this is for you, Harold, thank you very much!"

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
Christian Borle

Christian Borle, SOMETHING ROTTEN, Best Featured Actor in a Musical: "Thank you. I already get to do 'Something Rotten' 8 times a week so this feels like an embarrassment of riches. Thank you to the American Theatre Wing, Casey Nicholaw, my dear friend, you have found your calling. Please just keep doing what you're doing, which is collecting an ever-expanding group of people who are brilliant and kind and grateful and hard-working and just putting on a show. I will follow you anywhere! Thank you, Casey! Thank you to our producer, Kevin McCollum, we are also happy over at the St. James. Thanks to your boldness and class and generosity. Thanks to the great collaborators and writers, Carrie and Wayne and John, thank you for writing something completely original and kind-hearted and uproariously funny. Greg Barnes, the pants. Matt Leonard, the arms. Joe McHoda my brother. I honestly don't think I'd be standing here if it weren't for your friendship and faith in me. To my dear friend Roger Rees, thank you for teaching me that you don't have to chase every mouse. I love you, my friend. I am so honored. Thank you very much."

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
Annaleigh Ashford

Annaleigh Ashford, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, Best Featured Actress in a Play: "Oh my goodness. Thank you lord. Oh my goodness. Thank you Lord. I can't believe I am standing here right now on Radio City Music Hall stage for the worst dancing that ever happened on Broadway. I walked by Tommy Tune, Joel Grey and Ben Vereen playing a pan-flute tonight and I just thought I walked past my dance Gods and I did the worst dancing that ever happened. First i'd like to say that it has been such an honor to be in a category with such brilliant, brilliantly talented, beautiful women that I admire and respect and I wanna say that I share this with my cast, the beautifully gifted ensemble of actors who brought Kaufman and Hart's Sycamore family to life every night, you are my family and my friends on stage and off. Thank you for taking care of me and loving me. Thank you so much to my sweet husband Joe for holding my hand on the way to places every night, thank you for holding my hand and my heart and thank you for making me a better person. Thank you to Jim Carnahan and sweet Scott Elis for guiding us and Jeffrey Richards for producing this. And thank you to Beth and Barry and Dan and David and James. Thank you to Craig, thank you to Nathan for my dance magic and thank you especially to my real family, my real Sycamore family. Thank you for being weird and silly and loving me unconditionally. Thank you to every friend I've ever had, every teach I've ever had and everybody I've ever met! Thank you so much, this is just a beautiful plus!"

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
Sam Gold

Sam Gold, FUN HOME, Best Direction of a Musical: "A Tony from Tommy Tune, oh my god, and I think Jeanine and Lisa are still backstage, so they'll going to have to watch this on YouTube later. Jeanine Tesori and Lisa Kron, you are the two most brilliant, ambitious, fearless, honest, and exacting artists I have ever known, and I thank you for teaching me so much on this show, it's been unbelievable. I want to thank Alison Bechdel for your generosity, giving us your life and your work. I want to thank the amazing cast, who've given all of themselves to this show, some of whom have done it for many years as we developed it, and I want to thank the brilliant design team, David Zinn, Ben Stanton, Kai Harada, and our amazing choreographer Danny Mefford, you guys, re-envisioned the show and envisioned the show, and I want to thank the producers, led by Kristin Caskey, Mike Isaacson, and Barbara Whitman, this is an impossible show to get to this night, and you guys made every right decision along the way, you're amazing. I want to thank my family, my parents are here tonight, my wife, Amy, you saw us through a very hard year this year, I want to thank you so much, I want to thank all of my friends and all of my family for all your support this year. Thank you so much."

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
Marianne Elliott

Marianne Elliott, CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME, Best Direction of a Play: "Oh my goodness me. This is an incredible honor, I can't tell you. We've had quite an adventure with this play When we first started out doing it, the creative team, each of whom are so talented in their own right... We were just intent on trying to portray the world according to this very remarkable and extraordinary story. We didn't set out to make a dime. We never thought we'd even find an audience, and every day we took risks and we often said to each other that we were working outside our comfort zones, with our hearts and our mouths. So you can tell how much this means. Thank you Simon Stevens and Mark Hadon for your mad and wild imagination and useful writing. We've had some extraordinary producers on this show, um, Nick Starfrom from the National Theatre, who gently tried to persuade me that it wouldn't compromise our arts to try to take it out of a small theatre and take it out to a larger theatre where more people might enjoy it and he was right. Tim Leafy, Stuart Thompson here in NY. I'd like to thank my agent who died very unfortunately on our opening night here on Broadway. I'd like to thank our amazing American cast who astound me every day with their passion and their talent, and I'd like to thank my husband and my daughter without whom I wouldn't be able to do this wonderful crazy job. This is for them, really. Thank you!"

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
Ruthie Ann Miles

Ruthie Ann Miles, THE KING AND I, Best Featured Actress in a Musical: "This feels like I'm being Punk'd, please recycle! Broadway's Green Alliance. I am profoundly grateful for everything this recognition has meant already and for this honor. Thank you to the American Theatre Wing and all of the voters. I share this with four other incredible women nominated tonights. You are incredible. Your work is unforgettable and these productions have made us all winners. I have so many people to thank that I love at Lincoln Center, you know what I mean to you. I am going to make this less than 45 seconds. Bart, Ted, Andre Bishop, Ted Chapin at Rodgers and Hammerstein, Abby, Cathy and Patrick, I feel like royalty, our stage management and Mrs. Johnandel who is the other half of my brain. Our orchestra and backstage crew. Each and every one of you is absolutely amazing. I am so produ to perform with you. Everyone at Lincoln Center Theatre but highest admiration to our ensemble, they have the hardest job on that stage which is to tell a story without ever saying a word, they never get to open their mouth. It's a pleasure to be in such company of amazing actors. My scene partners, Kelli, Ken and Ashley, thank you for your generosity every day. My love Jonathan, I am so blessed to be with you. Thank you for agreeing to come on this crazy ride. Where are you? There you are. There's a lot of people here. It's a joke. Thank you for coming on this crazy ride, and I don't just mean the theatre. That was the joke. Mom. Thank you for you sacrificial love and guidance, I learn everything from you and I want to be you when I grow up. The Wongs, Miles, Blumensteins, The TGC is my family, Lincoln Center has become my home, The Lui's, I could fall and never hit the ground because of the amazing women who are my friends behind me. Jen, Rachel, Melody, Stephan Mana, Sherry Daria. My teachers Dr. Brian, you are the best mentor and voice teacher. Mrs. Sigman, Ms. Kudo, Dr. Keller. There's a lot of people here, My heart. I';m very grateful and especially to God my whole heart and trust is in him. And I am more honored for this display of your wild good nature that I can ever thank you for. Thank you everyone. Thank you so much."

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE

CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME, Best Play: "Thank you, thank you, it's been a wonderful evening, particularly if you have anything to do with this show. I didn't write anything, I'm the director of the National Theatre in London, and it is my happy task to thank the American Theatre Wing and the entire New York theatre community for so embracing The Curious Incident, we are hugely proud to be apart of that community and hope to be for many years to come. We are hugely proud of this show, and on behalf of the national, I'd like to thank the amazing Marianne Elliott, her creative team, the cast, and all the crew at the Barrymore Theatre. Our fantastic producer Stuart Thompson, Tim Levy, all our co-producers, my predecessor, the amazing Nick Starr, and most of all the person who is holding the real version of this, Simon Stephens."

"I'm going to be really quick with this, good Lord there's an awful lot of you. Good to be included amongst writers like that, it's a profound honor, magnificent nominations who inspire me and will continue to inspire me. I want to think Mark Haddon, I want to thank my agent Mel Kenyon, I want to thank Marianne Elliott, this play is written so that my children, Oscar, Stanley, and Scarlett can finally go and see what their dad did for a living without any swear words or extreme violence in it. It's a profound honor to dedicate this to them, and their mother, my wife, the beautiful Polly, thank you to her. New York City, you have quite, quite exceptional, thank you."

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE

SKYLIGHT, Best Revival of a Play: Producer Scott Rudin: Thank you everyone for this, it's a wonderful honor. I wouldn't be standing here without Bill Nigh, Kerry Mulligan and Matthew Beard who are right here. There's no show without them, they are remarkable. We have a wonderful group of partners who have been with us on many shows and I'm very grateful to them. This show in particular is the bi-product of a 25 year 4-way friendship between myself, my partner Robert Fox, Stephen Daldry and David Hair, and we've worked together so many times on so many shows, and for me, producing plays in this city has always started with the plays of David Hair - I hope I'm lucky enough that they will finish with the plays of David Hair - I am incredibly grateful for him. This is his first play to win a Tony and I'm very exited for him and grateful to him that he's allowed us to produce so many plays and films for us of his. I also want to thank 4 people who are not here: Fiona Goldfar, Nicole Fare, Lucy Sexton, and my partner John Barlow. They are the reason that the four of us were able to do this production together, so I thank them and I thank you very much."

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE

THE KING AND I, Best Revival of a Musical: "Thank you so much everybody. Lincoln Center Theater is very grateful to Tony voters and to the theater league andI must say we were very honored to be in the company of On the Town and On the 20th Century, two absolutely exquisite and superb revivals. I want to congratulate the King and I company. All the members of it. Those on stage, those off stage, those at front of house, those in the orchestra pit. You are working at the top of your form and we are very grateful to you. I would like to thank the very hardworking and talented staff at Lincoln Center Theater and our beloved, caring board of directors who supported us through all the ups an downs at Lincoln Center. Howard Panter and Ambassador Theater group for joining us on thisproject and being such delightful eccentric and generous partners. And finally two very special entities I must thank with all my heart, the Rodgers and Hammerstein organization for 22 years they have allowed Lincoln Center Theater to do the best of their shows from Carousel in 1994 and South Pacific seven years ago and now perhaps their most beloved and iconic show,The King and I. Thank you and infinite gratitude, honor, respect and love for our beloved director Bartlett Sher. Who;s vision of the king and i for the 21st century is quite frankly, the principle reason all of us are standing up here tonight accepting the tony award. Thank you all so much."

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
Alex Sharp

Alex Sharp, CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME, Best Leading Actor in a Play: "Oh my god, oh my god, wow that's so crazy. Oh geez, this time last year, I picked up my diploma, graduating from Julliard, so holding this is insane. Thank you so, so much for this incredible honor. I wouldn't be standing if it wasn't for so many people. Thank you to the entire Curious Incident team, Marianne Elliott for taking the chance on a blank resume, the producers, everyone involved, the cast, I love you so much, the crew, everyone who works at the Barrymore, my family, my mom is here, my sister, Nicole, I love you, Wallace. Thank you so much, a really extra special thank you to the cast, they are extraordinary. This play is about a young person who is different, and who is misunderstood, and I just want to dedicate this to any young person out there who feels misunderstood or who feels different, and answer that question at the end of the play for you, 'does that mean I can do anything?" yes, yes it does. Thank you so, so much."

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
Michael Cerveris

Michael Cerveris, FUN HOME, Best Leading Actor in a Musical: "Wow, you have made a lot of people in New Orleans really happy right now. This has been an extraordinary thing to... first of all... Brian D'Arcy James, Tony Yazbeck, Ken Watanabe, and Robbie Fairchild... you guys do things I could not possibly do and I celebrate everything that you do. I am fortunate to be standing here. You all deserve to be. I thought I knew what I was going to say. Our show is about home. It's about finding who you are. I've had the great fortune of finding a beautiful and supportive home, thanks to my father and mother, teachers who gave me every benefit, and my sister and brother as well, who have instilled a love of art and a compassion for other people that I wish everybody's parents could give them. Alison Bechtel gave us a beautiful story of her home and shared it with all of us. And Lisa and Janine and Sam and our beautiful company have tried to share it with everybody else. I fell like the home I found has been with some grace fofr a little light to talk into the darkness. I've often been in the darkness watching so many of you. I think.. I'm just truly overwhelmed. I truly truly am. Thank you so much. And this is Bruce Bechtel's tie that his son, Christian, gave to me to share with all of you. If Corey Mitchell can teach his students to be their pure wonderful selves, I hope that everyone can do that across the country and I hope the Supreme Court can recognize that too. Thank you so much."

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
Kelli O'Hara

Kelli O'Hara, THE KING AND I, Best Leading Actress in a Musical: "Thank you so much. Thank you so, so, so very much with all my heart. I am going to take a deep breath. You think I would've written something down by now but I hadn't. I haven't I wouldn't allow myself to do that but I will say this, I love what I do and I don't need this but now that I have it, I've got some things to say. I come from a place far away but there is a little teacher there and two of us tonight, Kristin and I, share her. Florence Birdwell thank you for that. The other women in my category. A legend, future legends. I am so proud to be part of your air tonight. My parents who are sitting next to me for the sixth time, you don't have to pretend it's okay this time. And thank you for giving me roots, for giving Florence Birdwell for giving me wings, Bart Sher for teaching me how to fly, for Lincoln Center for being my home for years off and on. For The King and I. All of my beautiful cast and crew, you are such beautiful, proud people on that stage and off-stage. I am so happy to be there. My king, Ken Watanabe, you are the King, my king. Again Bat Sher and everyone there. Fran Curry you are my arm and finally, and I forgot a million people, Becky, Beth and Megan I love you so much. My sister, my brother. Finally, my husband, my teacher, my friend, my soulmate, the reason I can do everything I do and can have these beautiful babies at home, I owe everything, everything to you Greg Noton. Thank you so much and coming to see our shows and I'll back. Maybe not here but on the theater stage. I'm going to do the worm!"

Full Text of Tony Winners' Acceptance Speeches: Updating LIVE
WINNER of Best Musical!!!!

Fun Home, Best Musical: "To the American Theatre Wing, and The Broadway League, everyone in the entire Fun Home family is forever grateful. You have changed our major to miracle. Creating a broadway musical means years of asking yourself, 'will this ever happen?' So to our fellow nominees, we salute you for never giving up and for creating these amazing shows that have made this a truly fantastic Broadway season. We celebrate the miracle of your work."

"To our entire Fun Home family, to Jeanine, to Sam, to Lisa, to our designers to our crew, to everybody, we stand here because your faith was boundless. We set out to create a musical that had not been created before, and because from our first previews at the Public Theater, that birthplace of great American musicals, audiences fell in love with Fun Home because of you and how you trusted this show."

"Fun Home has had countless guardian angels, we give huge thanks to all our fabulous producers partners, Paul Libin and our team at Circle in the Square, Oscar, Patrick, Mandy and everyone at the Public, the Sundance Institute, David Stone and the Fox partners. But, our foremost gratitude goes out to Alison Blechdel, you had the courage to share your family story, you trusted us to put it on Broadway, and now out audience is finding a way to understand and love their family, thank you!"

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