Final Performance of HONEYBEELUJAH at Joe's Pub This Weekend, 6/22

Final Performance of HONEYBEELUJAH at Joe's Pub This Weekend, 6/22

This Sunday, June 22 is the final performance at Joe's Pub of Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir's HoneyBeeLujahShow. In it, the eco-televangelist Reverend Billy, the 35-member choir, and and the five-piece Not Buying It Band sing and inform about the plight of the honeybee and about the role of big corporations in climate disruption.

In this week's show -- the conclusion of a two-month run -- will include the sainting of Ronnie Cummins, Founder and Director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a non-profit, U.S. based network of 850,000 consumers, dedicated to safeguarding organic standards and promoting a healthy, just, and sustainable system of agriculture and commerce.

Over the course of the Joe's Pub run, as part of their HoneyBeeLujah campaign, the Reverend and the Choir have performed actions at the Harvard Microrobotics Lab, where scientists are developing the "Robobee," a drone-like pollinator device that is designed to replace Honey Bees. You might have seen pieces in THE NEW YORKER, VILLAGE VOICE, and Al Jazeera America about this.

The Reverend and the Choir are planning our return to "the Devil's Laboratory," the "RoboBee Lab" at Harvard. They want to transform the four-story tall RoboBee Lab into a gigantic bee-hive. Following the Joe's Pub show this Sunday at 2pm, at a location nearby, the singers and faithful, the beekeepers and artists will gather from 4 - 6pm. They will draw and paint and sculpt and write songs depicting the envisioned swarming of the lab.

Info on the show here:

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