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FLASH SPECIAL: FROZEN's Flurry Of Creative Talent

Disney's newest animated feature film FROZEN boasts not only one of the most Broadway-centric casts of any Disney film to date - encompassing Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad and Santino Fontana, among others - but also a score by the man behind two of the biggest hits of the 21st century on Broadway, AVENUE Q and THE BOOK OF MORMON - the gifted composer/lyricist Bobby Lopez, who collaborates here with Kristen Anderson-Lopez, along with an orchestral musical score provided by Chrisophe Beck. And, the talented troupe assembled for FROZEN extends beyond the songwriters to the screenwriter/directors, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, as well!

FLASH SPECIAL: FROZEN's Flurry Of Creative TalentDo You Want To Build A Snowman?

A Disney feature film very loosely based on the classic but lesser-known 1845 Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale THE SNOW QUEEN appears at first glance to possess the perfect recipe for an umpteenth classic-in-the-making for the house of mouse, but given the grand drama, potentially epic scope and recognizable family struggles inherit in the tale of two sisters torn apart by fate and magic, FROZEN as it now exists in fully-realized 3D film form by this talented creative team is something else altogether. Imaginatively conjured up by director/screenwriters Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, along with Shane Morris, FROZEN brings the timeless tale freshly into the present in its attitudes and ideas, while lovingly presenting the stirring and sumptuous story and scenery of a long ago era all the while. Utilizing top-tier musical theatre stars at the absolute height of their abilities in such a persuasive, powerful and finely-tunEd Manner reflects not only the creative team's incredible attention to detail pertaining to nearly every element of the enterprise, but, also, their shrewd and savvy insight into what simply works best - and works like gangbusters. Indeed, this gang has busted a piece of fine art from a cube of ice byway of this stirring tale of two sisters and the enchanted land of their home, Arendelle - and the talent does not stop there!

Having previously collectively contributed to animated titles such as TARZAN, SURF'S UP, WRECK-IT RALPH and more, screenwriter/directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee had proven their mettle with the medium, yet FROZEN offered a new challenge byway of turning a classic fairy tale into a viable entertainment experience for an audience here and now. So, how better to address that than through a contemporary, but classic score? FROZEN is contemporary and classic simultaneously, so its songs and musical score should outwardly reflect that. Involving the talented team behind WINNIE THE POOH, Disney once again now has a songwriting team worthy of notice and acclaim with the terrific and dynamic song-stack for FROZEN that has been composed by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez - at once heart-warming, heart-stopping and heart-breaking, while always being full of, well, heart. The music in FROZEN is also magnified throughout the film by the sweeping orchestral score created by Emmy Award-winning Christophe Beck, who masterfully adds new layers of drama, comedy and action to the proceedings through his both grandly epic and grippingly taut musical contributions.

FLASH SPECIAL: FROZEN's Flurry Of Creative TalentIt is a hearty combination, indeed, between the contributions of these six individuals, and their love and passion for the project is clear to see in every expertly crafted frame of the film - just as one could say of the great Walt Disney classics of prior generations.

Plus, to bring the excitement factor to a whole other level, FROZEN is outfitted with a spectacular assortment of major-wattage theatre talent to carry all of the drama, comedy, music and magic off with grace, style and aplomb, as well - further making the total package a delectable dessert both tastier and cooler than whipped cream; complete with cherries on top.

Six, to be exact.

A full-blown movie musical, an animation feast and an all-around exceptional entertainment experience, FROZEN is highlighted by unforgettable performance showpieces perfectly crafted by the talented creative team for the amply able stable of stars assembled to enact the tale of redemption, sisterhood and friendship, with some seriously stage-worthy show-stoppers among the many memorable moments it presents - musical, dramatic and otherwise. As already previewed in the recently released promo single "Let It Go" - introduced this summer at D23 by Elsa (aka Ms. Menzel) herself, and now available in a pop version recently released by popular X FACTOR judge and current GLEE guest star Demi Lovato - FROZEN is filled to the highest mountaintop with copious appreciable attributes in its favor, particularly whenever this seriously starry crew of pros do what they do best - and, in many cases, nobody does it better... at least not this side of Arendelle!

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Fixer Upper

So, now, let's take a look at some of the highlights from FROZEN featuring the seriously cool final product honed by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Shane Morris, Robert Lopez, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Christophe Beck and the talented cast, producers and crew.

First up, view the official theatrical trailer for FROZEN.

Next, take in one of the most dramatic and pivotal moments in the film, as emotionally played by Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell.

Now, sample The Combined result when the onscreen action meets the music of Christophe Beck. "It's Christophe!"

After that, check out directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee discussing the creation of FROZEN.

Composer/lyricists Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez talk about the ideas behind the score of FROZEN.

Christophe Beck explains how his process works in this FROZEN interview clip.

Your opportunity to sing a show-stopper from the FROZEN score has now arrived - do the "In Summer" sing-a-long!

Get a glimpse of the actual recording sessions themselves with this FROZEN soundtrack behind the scenes sneak peek.

Idina Menzel premieres FROZEN's anthem "Let It Go" at D23!

View the music video for the pop version of "Let It Go" performed by Demi Lovato.

Lastly, directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, producer Peter Del Vecho, composer/lyricists Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and composer Christophe Beck discuss their various participation with FROZEN in this exclusive montage also featuring clips from the film.

FLASH SPECIAL: FROZEN's Flurry Of Creative Talent
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