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Davalois Fearon Dance Announced Spring 2021 Performances

Programming includes Purchase Spring Concert, Marymount Spring Concert, Bates Dance Festival & The Kumah Festival.

Davalois Fearon Dance Artistic Director Davalois Fearon has announce 2021 Spring virtual performances and events in participation with Bates Dance Festival April 14, 2021, SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance May 7 & 8, 2021, and Marymount Manhattan College Dance Department May 13 & 15, 2021 and The Kumah Festival May 16, 2021.

Curated by choreographer Raja Feather Kelly, The Future Impossible is a series of prompts via interview, essay, and other prose that will feature conversations with 16 various artists. In this conversation, Raja and Davalois discuss what the future may hold for dance amid the pandemic. This Anthology seeks to represent a social, political, and artistic change and to champion and amplify the mind of the artist while bodies are at rest.

Situated in Central Maine, the Bates Dance Festival hosts an international roster of artists in a collaborative and joyful community. Bates Dance Festival rigorously trains established and emerging dance artists through workshops, community-oriented programs, and advances the field by supporting new work. From local youth to global professionals, the Festival convenes to create, perform, and witness vibrant and vital dance works. The Future Impossible anthology is now available on the Bates Dance Festival website.

The Conservatory of Dance of proudly presents the Purchase Dance Company's Spring 2021 Concert series featuring a unique mix of in-person and virtual programming, live-streamed from the Pepsico Theatre. Featured choreographers include Jenelle Figgins, Davalois Fearon, and Doug Varone. Faculty member Davalois (Purchase class of 2005) premieres an emotionally resonant contemporary work entitled Just Be. Fearon describes her inspiration, "In my lifetime I am witnessing the need for people to come together, build community, and support one another. Without this type of radical support, I find it incredibly hard to Just Be." The work features live music by long-time Davalois Fearon Dance collaborator Mike McGinnis. McGinnis plays woodwind player, renowned musician Peter Aflbaum plays keyboard and piano and virtuoso Allan Mednard plays drums. Fearons work premieres Friday, May 7, 2021 at 7pm. More information can be found here.

Marymount Manhattan College guest choreographer Davalois Fearon presents Joy. This work was developed in response to countless conversations with students about the challenges of accessing joy during the pandemic. In regards to preparation for the work Fearon says, "We talked a lot about self-care during the pandemic and how that process has become a reality for many. Our self-care process involves being touched by the sun, feeling the grass on our skin, being in nature, and emotional support." This work explores the physicality of touching and hugging one's own body in order to feel the nurturing and care that so many have been deprived of in the last year. ." McGinnis's composition and musicianship make another appearance here with live music. This work premieres Thursday, May 13, 2021. More information can be found here.

Presented by The New Shul, the Kumah Festival will feature excerpts from Fearon's work For C.J., dedicated to her nephew C.J., who was the victim of a fatal asthma attack, the result of medical and environmental racial disparities. The concluding event of the festival will be an outdoor, in-person (masked, socially distanced) celebration at the far end of Pier 45 in the West Side Highway Park, featuring Kumah Festival special guest, dancer and choreographer Davalois Fearon in live performance with her collaborator, saxophonist and composer Mike McGinnis

The New Shul is a progressive, independent, creative community exploring meaningful ways to experience Jewish life and ritual in the 21st century with a diverse calendar of spiritual and cultural offerings. More information on the May 16, 2021 event can be found here.

At the height of the global coronavirus pandemic, Fearon introduced the Davalois Fearon Dance Virtual Theatre, the company's newest platform to present new and in-progress performances. Fearon has also introduced several new initiatives including Time to Talk with Davalois Fearon a discursive series that highlights structural racism within dance, academia, and society at large. This multidisciplinary series utilizes both arts and informed discourse to educate audiences on the many racial disparities that take place socially, environmentally, and academically. Each episode features Fearon and a guest to talk about race and are aired within the virtual theatre. Additionally, in the 2021 season, Fearon established the Davalois Fearon Dance commissioning program that provides rising dancers and choreographers with the opportunity to present their work within the virtual theatre. As a part of the program commissioned artists receive a stipend, redirect mentorship with Fearon, and administrative and production support.

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