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Broadway Inbound Dispels Broadway Group Tickets Excuses

Broadway Inbound Dispels Broadway Group Tickets ExcusesAt Broadway Inbound, we're all about making it easy to book group tickets to Broadway shows, but we totally understand if you're on the fence. Well guess what? You've got no more excuses!

We understand. People have a lot of pre-conceived notions about group tickets. We're fighting against that every day. So if you've been making excuses, we're here to tell you what's what:

Excuse #1: I'm not a part of a group.

That's totally fine! You don't have to be a part of some official group like the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts (actual thing) to book group tickets; we'd be just as happy to book group tickets for You And The Nine Friends You Wrangle Into Seeing A Show Together. Of course, if you are a part of the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts, we'd be happy to book your tickets too. Or just to talk. We have so many questions.

Excuse #2: It's hard to keep organized with that many people.

Okay, first of all, we're not talking about hundreds of people. We're talking about 10. And one of them is you. Believe us, you can handle it. Why does a complete stranger have so much faith in me, you wonder? We have faith in your ability to use Group Tools. Group Tools is a magical place on the World Wide Web where you can coordinate your group, contact everyone easily at once, and even collect and track payments to make sure none of your cheapskate friends stiff you. Which is really rude considering you organized a night out on Broadway for them. Seriously, you need new friends.

Excuse #3: Broadway is expensive.

That is the whole point of organizing a group: Discounts people, discounts! Of course, you get to share a night at the theater with people you love, participating in the sort of communal storytelling that used to be at the center of the human experience and is now all but lost to the individualized algorithms through which we view the world, but really this is about money. Money you can save when you book as a group. Restoring a sense of collectivity is just a bonus.

We know; this is a lot to take in. Perhaps it's best to start small and just follow us on social media. That way when the perfect show rolls around you'll be the first to hear about it.

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