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#BWWPrompts: What is Your Favorite Broadway Memory?

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#BWWPrompts: What is Your Favorite Broadway Memory?

We want to hear from you! We're starting #BwayWorldPrompts, where each day we'll be asking our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram questions to spark some theater conversation.

Read your responses to today's prompt!

Read some of our reader's answers below!


"meeting George Salazar at BMC [Be More Chill] stagedoor! he's such a sweetheart! he was on vocal rest that day, but he took the time to talk to me. he's so incredibly talented and such a kind person!! he put the gift I gave him next to his Lucille Lortel award and it meant everything to me!! he's amazing" @thesamepictureofjasonwtam

"Catching the signed sailor's hat from Stephanie J. Block at the start of The Cher Show!" @jennaterp4

"Seeing Anastasia with my sister and getting to meet Christy Altomare who was the kindest person I've ever met! I gave her gifts and she stood with me while she read the mini scrapbook I made for her, it was really sweet and I'll never forget it!" @thiquest

"Saw My Fair Lady and the rotating stage malfunctioned and wouldn't stop spinning! Laura Benanti started laughing, broke character and played charades with the audience until they fixed the issue." @elizbee7

"When I was about 8 I saw Laura Osnes in Cinderella, and I audibly gasped when she transformed her dress, and was convinced from that day on that Broadway was true, real MAGIC." @madeleine_nicks


"Sitting in the theatre after two years of waiting for @HamiltonMusical and then instantly crying tears of joy when the beginning notes of "Alexander Hamilton" rung in my ears." @FlamingoTalking

"my first ever broadway show. i saw king kong with my rising freshman class summer of '19, and i cried so much as soon as i stepped into the theater that my best friend literally had to support me because i couldn't stand. i'll never forget that day." @peyton_lw

"My favorite Broadway memory was seeing @TheCherShow on my Birthday and having every cast member at the stage door wish me Happy Birthday. I cried tiers of happiness the entire train ride home." @StacieLinBorell

"As a teen, I saw the original cast of Dreamgirls from the last seats in the last row of the highest balcony at a Wed matinee. At the key change in "And I'm Telling You" the whole house leapt to our feet cheering like we were at a Beatles concert. Jennifer Holliday was electric!" @AliasEuterpe

"In 2001, met Carol Burnett in line waiting to see The Full Monty. Then went to Joe Allen and she was seated at the table next to us with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick." @TheHallmans


"The first show that I saw on Broadway was Spring Awakening in 2008. It was my first time going to NYC from the island of Guam, and that's where my love of the theatre grew. I watched the show 3 times that summer, twice on stage <3." Angelo Jasa-Phillips

"I saw Robert Morse's solo play "Tru." I was close to the stage. The woman in front of me was fast asleep. Morse was speaking and walking stage left to hang an ornament on a Christmas tree. He noticed the woman asleep and I saw that he noticed. Robert locked eyes with me. He put his finger to his mouth and said "Sshh!" Only he and I got it. Was very cool." Richard Weksberg

"Seeing Rent in 2007(ish?) when Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal came back for their original roles. One Song Glory just hits different on stage." Carolyn Shade

"Watching Audra McDonald and Brian Stokes Mitchell in Ragtime on Broadway with my son's 7th grade class. I was in absolute awe at how wonderful their performances were! Whole show was terrific!" Kim Hamel

"Front row, two off centre for La Cage Aux Folles and Lili Whiteass (Todd P Lattimore) commenting on my dress as she warmed up the audience pre show. I'd just changed in the bathrooms into the new dress as I though my jeans weren't nice enough for a front row so it was nice to know the dress fit well enough to catch a Queen's eye." Jade Kops


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