BWW Blog: Sebastian Trevino -  RENT: A New Generation

BWW Blog: Sebastian Trevino -  RENT: A New Generation

By: Sebastian Treviño


Mexico, similar to the rest of Latin America, is quite a catholic and conservative country. As to be expected, when RENT came along for the first time to the Aztec lands in 2001, it was considered excessively racy and immoral. An exotic dancer as the leading lady? Unfathomable! I mean, sure, Julia Roberts' stole our hearts in a similar role in Pretty Woman, but then again, she wasn't a crack addict or dying of AIDS. So yeah, you can imagine how this wasn't exactly Mexico's cup of ... tequila.

After a struggling six month run (Even with some outraged audience members walking out during performances at times!) the show came to an end. It's been fifteen years since then, two decades since RENT's Big White Way debut, and now Mexico's finally giving this astounding musical a second chance.

Even though both politics and society are still very traditionalist in this southern neighboring country, our capital, Mexico City, has become a sort of liberal oasis. Men can kiss their boyfriends randomly at the mall, the streets are vibrant with talented musicians playing on the corners and art exhibits happening in public spaces, and you can even find a group of international friends, almost like a United Benetton Ad, having some tacos at a local restaurant. Yes, this city has definitely come a long way, leaving its infamous criminal reputation behind and making way to a new wave of ideas and principles. Mexico City is definitely ready for the RENT 2016 Revival.

It's funny how something written twenty years ago, that in it's self is based on an opera conceived exactly a century before that, happens to be so relevant and important now a days. RENT is a story about love; love that comes in all shapes and colors; a love that sees beyond profession, gender, wealth and sickness. One doesn't choose who one falls in love with. Interestingly enough, some people forget how love works and reject expressions of love that might not go with their obtuse believes. Mexico recently had a big, so-called "peaceful", social movement that defended the rights of the natural, traditional family structure. Of course, by defending their rights... they shamed and degraded those of other Mexican citizens with different sexual preferences. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Yeah right... stupid and enraging, I know. Similar to some pretty loud hate speeches going on in US politics, I'd say.

This musical's message needs to be shared once more, with a new generation, one that's more accepting and liberal than ever. That's why on this past October 20th the Teatro Milán in Mexico City opened its doors to Happy Endings' RENT. The show's directed by Diego Del Río staring Kike Jimenez (Roger), Daiana Liparoti (Mimi), Rodolfo Zarco (Mark), Paloma Corder (Joanne), Gimena Gómez (Maureen), Iker Madrid (Collins) and Luis Carlos Villarreal (Ángel).

Rounding up the cast are Jerry Velazquez, Diego Medel, Mauricio Romero, Anaís Loz, Karen Espinosa, María Chacón, María Elisa Gallegos and, oh, who am I? I haven't introduced myself have I? I'm Sebastian Treviño, RENT Mexico 2016's male swing. Swinging... yeah, not exactly a walk in the park, but hey, I'll tell you more about that in my next entries. So you better stick around, 'cause who am I gonna write all this (gibberish) for if you don't?!

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