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BWW Blog: SCANDALOUS' Elizabeth Ward Land - The New Normal Part 3

BWW Blog: SCANDALOUS' Elizabeth Ward Land - The New Normal Part 3

What a fun weekend we had at SCANDALOUS! So many friends and family passed thru the doors of the Neil Simon. It was the start of the whole lead up to our opening night, November 15.  

The press started attending performances on Saturday, so there was also a lot of "paper," which just really means comp tickets for friends to help get a positive vibe going, as well as filling the seats. I was so proud of our cast - no one seemed to buckle under the pressure, delivering clean, accurate, heartfelt performances.

We unfortunately had one BIG technical glitch on Saturday night. Some lighting instrument that was positioned in the house blew up and its fan starting whirling with a sound as loud as a Jack Hammer. It was right at the moment in the show where Aimee (Carolee Carmello) begins her traveling ministry in Baltimore, standing on a stool in the middle of the town square. The ensemble was all around her, trying desperately to hear the orchestra over the deafening sound that was coming from the audience. We kept looking for some sign that it was going to stop, or that we were going to stop, and they finally made the call to stop the show and fix it. It was so unfortunate, but really impossible to continue without it being fixed. The audience was so supportive - I am sure they were relieved not to hear the horrible noise!

Sunday's show was great - and SO fun to see so many friends over the weekend who passed thru. Time for Broadway shout outs - Molly Tynes, D.B. Bonds, Shannon Hammons Bonds, Daniel Watts, Sasha Hutchings, Sydney Morton, Preston Boyd, Michelle Duffy, David Engel, Timothy Shew, Rebecca Eichenberger, just to name a few - it was great to see you all.

Oh, and did I mention that we had a Nor'easter on Wednesday to add insult to our Hurricane Sandy ravaged community? I know I keep harping on the weather and all its effects on us, but these past few weeks have really been unusually terrible for the East Coast. It was snowing SIDEWAYS with 50 mmph winds much of the day on Wednesday, and we got about 6-8 inches of snow in New Jersey.

On the positive side, rumors abound that some New Jersey Transit Midtown Direct trains may begin to operate a bit over the next couple weeks, easing my hellish commute; Obama was re-elected, and the gas lines have begun to ease.

My plans for my day off?  Clean my house, run some errands, and try to find SOMETHING to wear for opening night......

BWW Blog: SCANDALOUS' Elizabeth Ward Land - The New Normal Part 3
My Maplewood, New Jersey backyard on Thursday morning

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